Show Re-cap For Wednesday 4/11/2012

Y’all motherfuckers here? How are yuns? Good? Good. I’m glad to hear it. Ellis wasn’t doing so hot at the start of today’s show. He’s feeling alone again, apparently he and Katie aren’t dating any longer and he’s been annoyed the past few days with other things going on his life. I’m looking at you FuelTV security guard! The fan that “stole” Ellis’ glasses yesterday? Yea, they didn’t. The sunglasses turned up, and that same fan said they weren’t going through the phone, he was just trying to put a picture of his dick on the phone. Sounds legit.

Mickey Avalon was on the show today, he plays President Queefer Sutherland or something in the Big Fucking Mega-Boat movie. He sings better than he speaks, I heard the word “like” at least 783 times in the first 10 minutes. He painfully stuttered and stammered his way through a few stories. Even though it was torturous at times to listen to, overall he was an interesting interview – he certainly had some entertaining stories. I think the reason it was hard for me to listen to is because I have heard and told so many fucking wasted stories when I was younger that I just get frustrated now. Stories where just after starting a sentence, there’s seriously at least a 3 minute pause while everyone gathers their thoughts – and then you finish the sentence. That’s how all stoner stories end up going until 7 AM and someone says they should probably go to bed.

That was pretty much it. No “World’s Greatest Wednesday” happened today, Ellis is signing copies of his books everywhere but where you and I live, some 42 year-old chick would suck the life out of Rawdog’s penis, his mommy also cut the crusts off his PB & J, and a bunch of people love TJES. Some other caller said he got pulled over, said “red dragons” and the cop ripped up the ticket (liar), another guy is on his way to his first marriage counseling meeting (pussy), some other guy is totally training jiu jitsu and wants to fight for a living (sucker), some chick totally quit smoking because of Ellis and is like totally hot and stuff (ditch pig), and your mom has a new picture hanging in her bedroom (total whore). OH!

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