Show Re-cap For Friday 4/20/2012

Great googly moogly! It’s Friday, it’s 4/20 duuuuuuude, and it’s also the last day of TJES in NYC. Some of you lucky shitbirds are going to get to go see Death! Death! Die! tonight, so who’s dressing up in black and painting their face with death makeup? More weirdo Josh moments were discussed, like how he walks through revolving doors wrong, turnstiles wrong, and just his general awkwardness. Gobbledorf is now an official employee of Sirius XM and now gets to be paid for doing radio! Congratulations to ManBoy for kicking a goal, he deserves it and apparently he’s embracing it to the point of almost sucking off everyone at Sirius XM. DDD was in studio today, they took a few requests and then that massive slut Rachel started singing. The entire first hour of the show was the guys jamming out in the studio, so not a whole lot to say about it other than the vocals were too low. Got that Shoebox? TOO FUCKING LOW!

And guess what else? That’s all folks! It’s Friday and I don’t feel like doing anymore writing so I’m cutting it off here. Oh, what? You’re disappointed? You think I’m slacking? You wanna tell me I suck? Well check this out.

This is you falling on your face

This is what you need to do

And this is your mom’s dump truck ass, OH!

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