Show Re-cap For Friday 4/13/2012

It’s Friday the 13th fuckers, oooooohhh, spooky dooky! Talk started off with people who look horrible but try really hard to keep up their really horrible looks. Such wonderful specimens as Danny Trejo, Garry Shandling, and Jason Voorhees fit well into this category. Apparently some people are really passionate about Rob Lowe, I’ve never met anyone infatuated with him, but I’m willing to bet someone has some fan fiction about him, not to mention Rule #34 is still in full effect. Ellis claims that instead of washing your jeans, you can just stick them in the freezer and viola, their magically clean and do not fade. I guess this works if your jeans aren’t dirty, but what about when you go around doing slides into first base everywhere? You could spread dry ice on them bitches and they ain’t coming clean. Rawdog masturbates to Rihanna, allegedly (purely my own speculation), he was defending her hotness pretty hard.

You can now submit and view pictures of you and others doing push-ups during halftime in America to: so botch your balls and get ready to do your push-ups, or masturbate, whichever is on your to-do list. Sounds like the guys are taking ideas for another possible fight at Ellismania 8 – which by the way, you can now purchase tickets to. There were tons of ideas from a bunch of fans and the guys, but most everything got shot down in favor of a centaur fight. Mayhem came on the show, and the fight ideas discussion took the remainder of the show, I couldn’t possibly list all the ideas so, I won’t. However, what I can do is tell you that if you purchase a large pack of condoms, several gallons of lube, and some meth – a mysterious, dark, large, smelly figure will appear waiting with a gaping ass. You will know it when you see it, because it’s your mom. OH!

1 thought on “Show Re-cap For Friday 4/13/2012

  1. This comment is 3 days in the making and it is stupid. I just wanted to talk about the confidence Rawdizzle has seem to gain over the years. My example is from this show and everyone ganges up on josh about how josh is so into safe sex that he won’t even have sex, he won’t even talk to you. It was really fuckin funny but what made it really funny was josh dropping the “I would love for you to try” comment which I don’t think is something he would have said a few years ago. The kid is funny as hell and he drops some gold comments here and there. It’s been really cool listening to his confidence with chicks and his sex life fucking change from god damn pathetic to someone who might be able to pull somethin off. Yea, I’m sayin it I think we might get bangin stories in the near future

    Other note im predicting a Mayhem miller victory his next fight. He seemed more crazy than usual, sharper and weirder almost like a sober mayhem which will defenetly be a better fighting mayhem. Makes me nervouse when he’s out of loop and quiet, seems like that’s the crazy party mayhem who gasses out cause he was gang banging Asians till 2 hours befor fight time

    Ohh yea I ordered my disel signed book and best believe if I do get the golden ticket I’m sending Mr BPimp the pic and No You Are will be the unveiling of one of the biggest mysteries of are time

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