Show Re-cap For Monday 3/26/2012

This is vacation week for the show. Ellis had 1 week worth of vacation left (as we were told) and had to take it before a certain date, or he would lose it. I think I remember Tully saying something about that live on-air so I don’t doubt it’s true. It’s worth noting though, Ellis must get 5-6 weeks of vacation or PTO. Assuming that Sirius XM’s employee vacation year ends before their fiscal year (which does happen in business), or that vacation can only be carried over 3-4 months after the end of their fiscal year, which should be December 31st.

At any rate, the show is on vacation this entire week, so you get “best of” shows and posts like this. One thing that will never change though is the fact that your mother sucks more dick than a Dyson sucks up dirt. OH!

Justin Bieber Is A Lady

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