Chowing The Cookie

Ah yes, a topic of discussion that spans the ages.

Some people love to do it, some people hate to do it. Reasons as to why cover the spectrum. Instead of providing reasons of “why” or “why not”, let’s look at things that might increase the frequency. Here are a few ideas: (minus the obvious, “don’t smell”, “don’t stink”, “don’t smell and/or stink”)

  1. Put drops of liquid marijuana on your pussy. This option sounds pretty legit. The person eating out your piss covered box gets high while munching your cooter.
  2. Reciprocation. You gotta give to receive right? Wrong. There are plenty of whores who will suck you off while you have to do nothing. It might cost you a few dollars, but who cares? You got done what you wanted. (Okay, this might not be such a good example to increase your box munching.)
  3. Dowse that shit with anything palatable. If you can mask the stench (if your subject is stinky) and get past your own personal gag-reflex (you’re a pussy at that point), you’re golden.
  4. Have a threesome. This option sounds alright until you realize that your girl is going to leave you because the person chowing your girl’s cookie will cause her to leave you. If she can get it some place else, what does she need you for?
  5. Bite the bullet and chow that stink hole for just a few minutes. You can withstand a few minutes of agony to avoid a lifetime of fighting, arguments, disagreements, and finding out that neither of you really “like” each other, right?

That’s about it. If your chick wants you to chow the beaver, you probably should. If you don’t, be prepared.

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