12/22/2011 Drama From Your Baby Mama

All kinds of awesome drama came out today on the show.

Apparently long time listeners, super fans, and supporters @emilyinSD and @ErikaAsh got 86’ed from future EllisMania’s. Why? According to them, because they were talking about a rumor going around. Some how the rumor got back to @AndreaMate that they were talking about it and the rumor was attributed to them. Then @EllisMate got word of that, and in trying to keep the peace with his soon to be ex-wife (as of 12/22/2011) he decided they were out of any future events. And there you have it. It’s highschool gossip all over again.

At first (and understandably) both @emilyinSD and @ErikaAsh where mad and willing to explain the situation. They claimed that they were simply talking about the rumor. Being that both of them are (or were, depending on what they claim themselves now) long standing #EllisFam members and have participated in EllisMania events (also appearing on @FuelTV broadcasts of EllisMania events), most of the #EllisFam were in their corner and ready to help defend them. It seemed unfair that they both were no longer included in EllisMania events. They really wanted, and deserved a chance to defend themselves and share their side of the story.

All of this Twitter drama went without mention until near the end of the show. Finally it was acknowledged. @EllisMate (paraphrasing here) basically said whether it was true or not, it didn’t matter. He is trying to distance himself from most individuals in an attempt to avoid all the drama. He also said that if @emilyinSD or @ErikaAsh were to show up at a Death! Death! Die! concert, he would be willing to talk to them as friends, and that he is not mad at them. He went as far as to say that he was more upset about the person that talked to @AndreaMate, who probably started this whole mess in the first place.

It seems to be generally accepted that the person who most likely started the rumor/s, is responsible for other rumors and throwing others under the bus. Clearly, if all of this is true, and this person exists – they are responsible for all of the drama concerning this particular situation – and potentially other drama that is of now currently unconfirmed.

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