Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 1/14/2015


Me plowing through this recap.

Afternoon, fuck-a-roos! It’s #WhitePeopleWednesday, #WhorePissWednesday, #WreckedPussyWednesday, and #WangPenisWednesday. Actually, I think it’s only one of those, but whatever. Let’s get right into it with some bullet points! 

      • There’s over modulation, so right back to a song so the engineer guy can fix shit.
      • Bert McCracken (aka Brad McFadden) works right, so he’ll be on the show if the show can work right. TS Foxxy will be on the show later as well.
      • Tully was giddy as a school girl the first time he met Bert, and he’s a little embarrassed by that because Bert is like 5 years younger than him.
      • Ellis and Tully were thanked in some line notes in a Used album.
      • Ellis was anxious all day yesterday, especially with the guests. He also had panic attacks all night last night.
      • Nobody wants to know what is in Billy Joel’s butt.
      • The phones weren’t working for a second and it’s all JEFF’S FAULT! Jeff is the caller.
      • Lee emailed Andrea and said he was wasted and regrets some of the things he said to Jason while he was in Australia.
      • It’s hard to do trans and dental meditation while you smell cat shit and hear Armenian’s dropping their kids off at school.
      • You can grow up to be that guy or not be that guy, it’s your choice to choose.
      • Whether Master P will admit it or not, make no mistake, he has a golden grenade.
      • Tully looked a lot of gay porn last night. For science. He saw Héctor “Macho” Camacho’s tri-colored dick too.
      • kip

        After getting dick clit licked.

        Dick clit guy is getting his dick clit licked.

      • As if you didn’t already know, Will FUCKS!
      • Break time.
      • Bert’s here and he wishes he was around for EllisMania. He always misses EllisMania.
      • Bert says Australia is full of racist homophobes and it’s encouraged there.
      • Bert wants to grow weed in Australia. Apparently he also wants to completely drop off the face off the earth. He hates people.
      • Bert refuses to believe Mao is in heaven giving babies cancer.
      • There was more stuff said, I’m sure of it. However worked kept me from listening until after the next break.
      • Break time.
      • Back with Bert still in studio. They’re commenting about Master P’s sunglasses and how he needs a better pair.
      • Ellis thinks Bert looks awesome on stage. The bass player though, not so much. But that might just be because he used to fuck Katie.
      • Bert’s parents are proud of him and they’re close, but they’re also still very religious and Bert… not so much. Like at all. So there is a little separation there.
      • Bert wants to take ketamine with Ellis & Tully while live on the show. Jude could probably hook them up.
      • Bert says a lot of people on DMT feel like somebody probed or raped them anally. A lot of people see little dudes, faces, and hug the ground too. Bert really wants to be in a k-hole right now.
      • Bert plays a mean piccolo trumpet and he wants to jam with Ellis & Tully.
      • Nancy Grace battled 2 Chainz over pot. She got schooled.
      • I’m driving home and stopping at the lickher store, so…
      • Break time.
      • Some chick in that show Glee doesn’t shower all that often. Nobody’s eating her butt.
      • Bert’s gone, Foxxy is in studio and they’re smelling celebrity branded fragrances.
      • The show will be going to the AVN’s Friday, I think.
      • Foxxy will be going to something for the industry professionals only, no public allowed. They’ll be discussing how there was a lot of jizz in 2014, but they can dig deeper and increase the amounts of jizz in 2015.
      • A final caller wants to bang Foxxy, but that’s not going to happen because Foxxy gave him the dreaded, “awwww.” Which everyone knows is short for “no fucking way.”
      • Don’t die.

You get it, right? Of course you do!

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