Show Recap for Friday 2/20/2015


Photo by: Andrew The Vagiant

It’s here, and it’s queer! Wait. No. WE… ARE… LIVE! From Tupelo. Wait. No. From Las Vegas, Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. You might have heard about it, EllisMania 10? It’s a thing. The gang is all there, Ellis, Tully, Will, Cumtard, Andrew, Hotdog, Cullen, Dingo, Katie, the Boyce Brothers, Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man, pretty much everyone. Vinyl is at maximum capacity so some people are unable to get in to watch the show. It’s fuckin’ loud and there’s a lot of people staring at Ellis’ head and Dingo is dressed as a kangaroo. Sounds like Hotdog might have brought his own keg of beer to town in Ellis’ truck. Tully’s side bitch, Bunny, might be getting a beat down by Katie for not showing Tully her tits. Thomas Hayden Church and Betsy donated $10,000 each to go to Everlast’s cystic fibrosis charity. Everlast thanked Ellis by calling him a nigger. Continue reading

Show Recap for Monday 2/9/2015

“Hold up! ERRRRRRR! UHH… ARR… ARR!  WHAT? C’mon!” ~DMX
Who starts a recap  with some DMX speak? This guy! Look, I don’t give it shit if it makes sense or not. You’re missing the point here. It’s DMX, man! Anyway, let’s see what the show has in store for us today and if I hear 1 word in particular, y’all gonna make me lose my mind up in hurr, up in hurr. See what I did there? So what’s the one word I was talking about? “Grammys” If I hear that fuckin word and you’re not talking about your grandmother, I’ll… I don’t know what I’ll do. But you will ALL pay for it, I can promise you that much! Continue reading

Show Recap for Monday 2/2/2015


That face she makes when you just stick the tip in her butt.

What’s up? Who gives a shit. Here are some words. This recap isn’t over just yet, matter of fact, it just started. Ellis has 4 abs right now, a couple are still hiding – but they’ll come out to play. No flabdominals. Ellis gave a quick line read from the villan in the movie Last Action Hero and Dingo thinks he needs to work on it. If anyone would know, it’d be Dingo, right? It took Tully all of 5 minutes before he started shit talking his son. You gotta love it. If his kid ever hears the show, I assume his son will curse him, thereby locking him in a powerful rage before claiming his life and spreading to his wife. Continue reading

Show Recap for Wednesday 1/28/2015

What? Y’all motherfuckers forgot about Dre, didn’t you? I KNEW IT! So it’s #WolfknivesWednesday and shit, and welcome to the fiercely intense Jason Ellis Show. He’s like a knife cutting into your ears, metaphorically, but still – watch your ass. Have you noticed most Korean men are not that good looking? Can you punch someone in the face through the phone? You’d be a lot cooler if you could. Continue reading