Show Re-Cap for Monday 9/29/2014


Shout out to Sharkchucker!

It’s all Monday as fuck up in this Monday re-cap, get your Monday on. Man, it’s hard to make Monday sound good, even Lil Jon & Dingo couldn’t hype up Monday’s status. Fuck it Monday, you’re on your own here. Ellis feels funny, but he’s okay, it might be a tough day because he has absolutely nothing to say – only 3 hours and 58 minutes left to go! Ellis does love his prostitutes though! But he couldn’t be one, maybe in Nevada at a bunny ranch for dudes or something, but not like a real high dollar whore. Hey, people love watching Mike Tyson fights, even still to this day, but people also still love the guy – if you see him on TV, you stop to watch. If you hear him, you stop to listen. What if he took over the Rawdog chair? Continue reading

TJES Provides CIA With Interrogation Audio

I remember this all too well. It was near the end of the show, at the very end of one of Rawdog’s infamous New Music Tuesday segments. This portion of the segment was only 3 minutes, 24 seconds long, but it felt like an eternity. I literally thought I was going insane, the music, the sounds, my brain starting to break.

I think this audio should be used as an interrogation technique, it’ll make a motherfucker crack. Real quick. Thanks to The Backbone (@Cullensaidthis), I get to torture any of you who feel brave enough to test it. I’m almost positive this audio has never been replayed. Ever. If it did get replayed, it couldn’t have been more than 1 time. Now test your resolve and give it a listen.

Download (link to MP3)

Rawdog Tries Impersonations (2013)

This bit is pretty hilarious. But you can also clearly hear an animosity between everyone.

Dude Am I Slut 2010 With Chris & Wendy

A “Dude, Am I Slut?” segment from 2010, where, Chris reveals she got finger blasted at the bar by her manager, and then banged on the A/C unit outside. Next, Wendy’s husband of 8 years wants her to sleep with her “ex” and wants to watch, she also says her ex has a bigger dick than her husband. Wendy also sounds… familiar. I don’t know.

The real payoff? Ellis and Rawdog want to cum on your shit.

Download (Link to MP3)