Creepy Weekend Contest


Schumacher in his glory.

This nostalgic and entertaining clip from 2011 is a classic example of just how good the show was with little to no professional support, no professional producer, and literally flying by the seat the of their pants. The contest was for everyone to do something “creepy” over the weekend and anonymously write down what they did. Everyone was then tasked with guessing who did what as each instance was read. It wasn’t only hilarious, but in hind sight, it gave us an introduction into Will’s world. Little did anyone realize the door that was left cracked open would eventually allow the escape for more stories and a one-man band fueled with a plethora of songs – HATEBEAN! Will wasn’t the only one with a disturbingly hilarious entry in the contest though, intern Schumacher also revealed what could only be described as a perverted, depraved, sexual fetish that might scare the average person – but not the average Jason Ellis Show listener. And of course Rawdog’s entry involved nipple play – no spoiler alert required. Enjoy.

Mom & Dad Fight: Pre-Prenuptial Agreement

Here is some rare audio that was meant to stay buried and never be heard of again. However, it was replayed on a best-of on Monday during the show’s vacation. This audio is from one of the last major disagreements between Ellis and Tully before Tully left and eventually came back. This stark difference between their interactions helps fuel the joke that claims there is a contract between them, which states they cannot fight. There is no such contract, but there may be a gentlemen’s agreement of due respect for both sides. Still, no contract. It’s just a joke, an easy and fun place for everyone to mine jokes from. It’s an uncomfortable piece of audio, but also a very “real” moment in radio. Don’t forget, these “real” radio moments are only a part of what made many of us become fans. It gets you emotionally invested in the moment and you cannot help but to form your own opinions based on what you’re hearing. Keep in mind, there is a lot of stuff we don’t get to hear, so we can only speculate. Speculations aren’t facts. Have a listen.

Brad McFadden of The Userz

I seriously don’t ever remember a time when Bert McCracken was on the show and it wasn’t hilarious. He’s a great guest, great sandwich artists, and he also makes his own sausages. I never would’ve even given that dude a thought if he didn’t show up on TJES and holy hell, I’m glad he did. Listen to Bert completely ignore the conversation about Dom not being able to hear and try to sell Dom on the idea of becoming an employee at Subway. Then listen to a caller trying to convince the guys that they should let McFadden talk more about singularity and how interesting it is. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 11/17/2014


Wow! Will is not amused with you crackas.

Holy hell, it’s Monday again. What a day it’s been so far, Jeebus. Do bears know they smell like shit? Do horses always smell like shit? Dingo takes two shits per day. There’s some movie James Franco wrote that has a guy shitting in the woods, wiping his ass with a stick, and fucking dead women. Dark and twisted movies are right up Ellis & Dingo’s alley, it’s inspired Ellis to want to make more movies. The guys relived filming of The Woodsman and how much of a great time they had, laughing, getting lost, and watching Christian get mad at Rawdog. Will reminded Ellis that a lot more people are listening than he thinks and that a lot of those people don’t even know what EllisMania is. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 10/13/2014


What is this “soccer” you speak of?

It’s another Monday recap, and you know you looooove it! Ellis has been 43 like 5 times in the past 3 or 4 days, with all the cake and celebrating. Dingo is looking good today, he’s dropped about of weight lately and even he’s having a skinny mirror day. Tully watched a woman attempt to take a selfie of herself for about a half hour, she was a trendy looking black woman trying to time her selfie just right. Dingo & Ellis discussed how phones have become new tools allowing for people to look at themselves. It bums most everyone out to run into a man who has to have names for his weed, you know exactly the kind the of dude they’re talking about. “I got some headband and n-bomb riot, bro – you gotta try it!” Continue reading