Show Re-Cap for Tuesday 8/12/14

CLERICAL WORK ALL DAY BITCHES!!! FUCKIN’ FILING AND COLLATING AND SERVICE REMINDERS AND ALL THAT CRISPY OFFICE SHIT WE MOTHAFUCKAS DO BEEYOTCH!!! It’s a good way to look back through the year and find out how many typos I made though, so it’s not all bad. Luckily, the most awesome background noise ever exists and it’s the Jason Ellis show! Today kicked off with Ellis reminding us that his balls are still SMMOOOOOOOOOOOTH as eggs, despite the mileage on them. As we in the auto industry have known for years, proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your investment. It’s good to keep track of how your boner reacts to different stimuli, cause diet and exercise can affect so many different parts of how your body functions. He’s also dreading the day that he walks out of his bedroom in his pajamas and has to explain to Linsanity what an erection is. Jason was washing Devin’s hair the other day and his incredibly bald penis was noticed and traumatizing. Jude was still glad that Jason got the wax though, cause it was his idea. The guys talked for a while about murkins and the history and popularity of fake pubes. Jason and Jude chatted for a bit about the contract negotiations and how Jason is flying to New York tonight to talk to the big guns tomorrow about it. The guys discussed the new show “How Big is your Dick” with Dingo, and how there may not be much substance to it, but you can really separate the wheat from the chaff. They also recapped their own experiences with their own penises while I sat at my desk, angrily fellating a burrito, questioning the ebb and flow of everything that happens in the world. The guys put out an open call to the ladies who listen to the show to ask what they talk about with their friends in terms of swallowing a cock or if the guy they’re with can’t make them cum, but that didn’t really pan out as much as they probably were hoping, but a male ER nurse called in and apparently all the ladies in triage are some grimy bitches and will sell out any mother fucker they meet, just cause they can. The guys got wind of an ice cream social happening in the lobby of the building where their studio is, and Jude was planning to head down there to try and pull down some strange wool cause it’s never a bad time when that happens. Also, it’s the Sirius/XM company barbecue today, which seems really impractical to try and do in a downtown LA high rise office building, but apparently it’s a thing and everybody in the green room is putting back ribs like pork was about to go out of business. Jason saw the new movie “Lucy” and it was a tremendous pile of shit, but Morgan Freeman was electrifying as always and Scarlet Johanssen is a treat to watch prancing around in tight clothing, so definitely worth bootlegging. Jude told a story about one time when he was fucked up on ketamine watching a documentary about prostitutes and all of a sudden started hallucinating that his mom was a whore and he had a half-black brother, but luckily it was just the drugs talking. This got the guys to talking about those poor souls who attempted/seriously considered aborting their kids and at some point they start saying stuff like “I love you” and then things get weird. They also talked about exit strategy for a cheating relationship and how if you start fucking someone else, the smart thing to do is actually lie about it and break up with them for a totally bullshit reason just so you’re not fucking up their life cause you’ve got problems being monogamous. One guy called in to talk about his parents confessing to their entire church they planned to abort him, with him there, when he was like 13, cause they’re the best parents ever, if you’re into that sort of mind fucking. Jude has plans to give a guy a ride for drugs tonight cause sometimes your dealer doesn’t want to meet you at the train station, especially to move a lot of weight. Jason was on Dr. Drew On Call last night and talking about Robin Williams and the whole War Machine/Christy Mack thing and shit got intense cause the corpse hasn’t had a chance to cool and the authorities haven’t picked up War Machine to sort his internal organs out. And of course, Jenna Jameson had to step in to give her two cents on porn stars getting beat up by MMA fighters, and in her own inebriated haze she didn’t make much of a point other than that her 15 minutes are over. She also made it a point to sort of silently call out Tito Ortiz to try and get him hemmed up for some shit he had nothing to do with. Luckily though, she was so obviously perkin’ on some kind of shit that her bovine feces was completely transparent, like a pane of immaculately clean glass. The guys took a break so that Jude could get to his day job and the Jason and Tully could go get some barbecue before it ran out and forced them to roast Hot Dog over a burning garbage can.


To bring back talk about Robin Williams’ death for a minute and how much humanity needs a culling of the herd, in honor of Shark Week, a fuck ton of restaurants are claiming to add shark to their menu, cause sharks!!! Fuck you, it does have plenty to do with Robin Williams because he wanted to give us all a little bit of magic, despite the fact that he clearly saw all the shit wrong with us and the world we’ve made for ourselves. In other news, Jason brought back the Imperial Death March when WILSON walked in to talk to him about his plans for the next day or two. It’s probably gonna be a best of tomorrow, cause The Wing has a fucking busy day of showing up at 5 in the morning and generally threatening the management to honor their original deal or their suffering will be legendary, even in hell. Tully suggested trying to recreate the Anthony Cumia firing debacle just to see if he could spin it into something hilarious. The guys discussed with WILSON how Jason could manage his time effectively to do the meeting, and a 2 1/2 hour show and have a nap and make it to the airport in time to get back home, but it all sounds like heavy weather, New York traffic, LA traffic, and the world famous New York subway C.H.U.D’s are gonna be doing their best to keep it from going smoothly. Oxycottin John called in to remind Ellis that he could just do the meeting and take the rest of the day off to go do something fun, like go to a dungeon, or eat at Hooter’s. Seems like Ellis is gonna sort out all of that completely on the fly and we’ll find out tomorrow whether he does a short show or cruises alphabet city for a place to pour candle wax on somebody. The guys took a few suggestions from the callers and there were some half decent ones right up until some guy suggested dinner and a trip to the sex museum. Hot Dog suggested that Ellis ask Dingo to fly out and have lunch with him and Diddy after the meeting, except that he may have been stoned like an unwed mother in biblical times and have no concept of what Dingo is actually doing or if he can get ahold of Diddy that easily. One caller suggested a Wolfknife meeting, but it’s a little too up in the air to plan anything on that short of notice. Tully watched Sharknado 2 and gave his recap of it, cause it’s Shark Week, and as terrible as it sounds, I still have no interest in sacrificing an hour and a half of my life to see it, but if you’re looking for a masterpiece of nonsense on film, I highly recommend Manos: The Hands Of Fate. A friend of mine showed it to me and it is quite possibly the worst movie ever made and that’s what makes it awesome. The guys took a break to polish off the Tard seat cause Kevin has another treat cooked up for everybody.


In Coonan MacGrubee news, Jason knows a lady who thinks she’s having sex with him but doesn’t have a DNA sample to prove it, but he also seems to be getting a big head over his newfound popularity in the UFC, based on some comments he made at a press conference recently. Then again, a bunch of people who never heard of him think he’s the shit right now, so it’s understandable that he might be feeling like his dick is way bigger than what he normally believes it to be. Hopefully, all the super Irish smack talk won’t turn into a recreation of my performance at EllisMania 8, but only pay-per-view will tell. There was some more talk about UFC stuff and Jason got cold feet about going to New York cause of the shitty weather reports and not having anything to do in the afternoon there, but his spirits were lifted when Cumtard came in to reprise his trademark musical segment, Tard That Tune!!! The tracks Kevin covered this time around were as follows:

1. Rage Against The Machine – Down Rodeo

2. Something I never heard and they didn’t say the name but it sounded like shit so I don’t care.

3. Owner Of A Lonely Heart by whoever the hell wrote that pile of shit.

4. Sugar Ray – Every Morning

5. Guns N Roses – Welcome To The Jungle (the audio of which was used to leave offensive messages on several people’s voicemail, and then was used to make a button)

6. Something else that I couldn’t identify and they didn’t say the name of

7. War – Cisco Kid

8. Sir-Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back

9. Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

10. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

11. Katy Perry – Dark Horse

12. And finally, that one 80’s song with the saxophone solo that refuses to die that I learned today was called Baker Street.

Upon finishing this segment, the guys found out that there’s a lot of songs that Kevin tries and don’t make the cut, so they told him to crawl his ass in the dumpster and fish them out cause that shit has to be amazing. After that, the guys took a break to polish the Tard chair because the Tard sat in it and that’s always a good reason to clean off the furniture.


The guys came back from break to talk about all the hot meat and nuts they were shoving in their mouths while the music was playing, and for Jason to take a fat rail of caffeine off the fizzy head of a can of Monster. Then they talked dinosaurs and shit for a while and how wooly mammoths were probably the only animals that can pull of the whole “tusk” look. There was talk of Pompeii and how everybody probably died ther not from hot lava, but from the most destructive planetary fart ever which released a blast of 600 degree terraforming fury all over those ancient simpletons. Last time Tully was in Japan, he rode a train through Hiroshima and so the guys talked about the A-bomb for a while and how as soon as meth cooks figure out the formula, the South is fucked. In a vain effort to drum up more Canadian listeners, the guys put out a call to Canadians to see if they could find a person from each province to see if they could guess the highest ranked Google search terms. While they were waiting for Canadians to invent the telephone, Tully played a PSA from 1980’s Canada starring an alien named “Ass-Star” reminding everybody that “Only smoking can prevent bleach-drinking children from raping strangers in a forest fire” cause apparently that was a real problem back then and it needed to be drilled into their heads that it was a real situation that the public needed to get under control. The first Canadian, an Albertan, got on the phone to guess some of the most searched terms and he got oil fields/pipelines and then the string that connected the two soup cans broke and reception was lost. Another guy from Nova Scotia guessed where to find a job, but he was wrong because murder, assassination and torture are all really big there in the Scosh right now. Next we got a guy from Saskatchewan who guessed that people on the internet are way int the Sask Rough Riders, but he was wrong because Saskatoonies are still way into NNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCKELBBBBBAAAACCCCKKKKK, green poop, ice fishing, dubstep, bestiality, fisting and beavers (hopefully none of them in conjunction with each other cause that makes me not want to go to Canada anymore). A lady from British Colombia guessed that her fellow BC residents are constantly Googling weed cause it’s so common and it wasn’t cause stoners aren’t that proactive about anything, but they love MDMA, booze, gin, MDMA (again), hangover cures, breat reduction, feces and dominatrixes. A guy from Ontario where I’m headed guessed that the most common searches were election and bilingualism, and was pretty close cause conservative/liberal party and Steve Harper (their village shaman) were top searches, along with Drake, Justin Bieber, the word “hoser”, escort service, black jokes, “how to murder”, Ashley Madison, Asian Jokes, and autopsy photos. A dude from Quebec called in to act French and better than everybody even though the Canadians hate the French as well, and he guessed that people are searching for Ashley Madison, but it seems to be a localized thing in Ontario cause in Quebec people are looking for answers about masturbation, deep web (whatever the fuck that is), Limp Bizkit, golden shower, the mafia and of course poutine (you had to know that was going to be there). Another guy in New Brunswick thought that his fellow citizens were looking for info on abortions or police shootings, but the most common questions were about crossfit, maple syrup, deep throating, lesbian porn, amateur porn, and theft. A fellow from Manitoba guessed that people were looking to learn about Slurpees and murder, and he was wrong cause people there are looking for more to know about Rick Mercer (some dude who’s maybe a comedian or something), falafel, twerking, skateboarding, graffiti, rough sex, Stan (just the word Stan for no legitimate reason), overdose, poison and sniper. A guy from Newfoundland called in to guess that his neighbors were Googling boats but then he got into the local vernacular and shit got real weird so Tully just told us that Newfies are looking up hunting, anal sex, cocaine, vodka, hairy and BBW (combined, being the most common search items) and constipation. Nobody called from Prince Edward Island but they’re all checking to hear more about weed, penis, vagina, russia, depression, diarrhea, Shania Twain and being drunk. After a quick breather, the guys did some final calls and watched the video of a guy doing a burnout in a modified gas powered golf cart, and Jason talked about wanting to have a female boss that he could seduce for a raise. Ellis keeps throwing out the ideea of an everyday, high quality wear-about wig just for fucking with people or whatever and I can’t help but think of him going for the same thing from the Apple Juice music video thinking everybody else was liking it despit how obvious it would be that something is very VERY off in his appearance. There were some more suggestions about what Jason should do while he’s in New York and dirt racing and getting a rub and tug after an important business meeting and how Tim Silvia should hunt down that War Machine asshole, cause really, anybody but Dogg the Bounty Hunter, for the sake of the rest of us. One guy called to ask about hepatitis B like they would know about it, but the guys made it abundantly clear that if they were medical professionals, they probably wouldn’t have a dick and fart afternoon radio show.


Red Dragons, Mother Fuckers ,,rr,

Show Re-Cap for Tuesday 8/5/14

WELCOME BACK FOLKS!!! IT’S THE SHIT SHOW THAT KEEPS ON FUCKING HERE IN MY OFFICE TODAY!!! Everything from a comeback on a major engine job, to another engine job that the customer is on the fence about, to a 93 year old man who decided to tow his old Peugeot in to have us see why smoke is pouring out of it. A Peugeot for fuck’s sake! It’s like the French Ford Pinto!!! But I digress, cause these things are all really inconsequential to the fact that it’s almost lunch time and time for me to get some Aussie in my afternoon with the Jason Ellis show. Today’s show got underway with a reminder to stay focused and learn a little Spanish cause it could come in handy some day. The crocodile hunter wears a swamp camo wetsuit, not sure it really has anything to do with anything, but he did. He could surf too, with jungle boots on. He may be interesting, but probably not that cool to hang out with except in small doses. Jude stepped in for a bit to talk with the guys about democracy and capitalism and I should just keep my mouth shut about both of those cause this could quickly turn from a recap into a manifesto. Tully’s main point on it had to do with how many TV stations we have in America cause of a massive “free market” of avenues by which a company can sling bullshit at the public, and in other countries they try to put a bit of a cap on that sort of behavior. But hey, as long as you keep consuming, they’ll keep cranking out iJesse or whatever fucktard spray the TV feels like producing all over your face at any given time. Jason noticed, along with Jude, that Mexican immigrants are probably the number one consumers of public parks, due to having large families and a knack for grilling anywhere they might be allowed. Tully hates the beach cause he’s Irish and there’s too many god damn people in LA and definitely too many at the fucking beach cause mother fuckers act like it’s the only place where water has ever met dirt. Jude is kind of on the same team as Tully, and it goes double for boats cause the sun reflecting off the water would basically turn him into lobster tortellini in a matter of hours. When Jason went to Panama last year, he got hooked up on a boat tour by some dude who lives “off the coast” (translation: outside your jurisdiction) and does lots of meth and tries to give pills and gourmet lunches to the tourists that employ him. Unfortunately, their chef is a fat sweaty Mexican cokehead who can’t manage a simple ceviche. It just reminded Jason of Jeremiah Johnson and living in the middle of nowhere and right when Jude mentioned his mom’s cabin, Jason remembered a dream e had about shooting endless ropes of jizm.This of course got the guys talking about wet dreams. One time, Jude was sleeping at someone else’s house and the bed they put him in belonged to a 4 year old girl and in the worst possible coincidence, he shot a load in his sleep. The guys talked some more about capitalism and how it only works if you get the fuck off your ass and go drop a deuce in Alaska so you can game the system for a lifetime pension for owning property there. Jason and Jude talked a bit more about moving to the wilderness and Tully shat on it like he was trying to get a lifetime pension for owning property there. There was more talk of the beach cause the guys just couldn’t leave well enough alone with Tully and he doesn’t feel like cleansing his soul in raw sewage in the most polluted unnatural bodies of water on the west coast. Tully does seem to feed his personal hatred of humanity by watching the people at the beach, so hopefully having a child who demands beach vibes can keep him in his wonderful state of personality for years to come. Hot Dog peeked in to back Tully on his opinion that skin cancer and biohazardous ocean water is nowhere near as good as a kiddie pool full of margaritas with a TV nearby, and no one’s invited unless you invite them so if you feel like being naked, you don’t need to worry about David Hasselhoff telling you to cover your giblets. Sure, maybe you can’t surf in it, but you can drown out the incessant voices of rage that keep telling you to tear someone’s spine out and sodomize their children with it, like you get at the beach around spring break time. Jason is such a surfer that he could never imagine seeing a family at the beach only because the kid wanted to go and the parents are wishing that driving drunk wasn’t a bad idea so they could have brought a bigger handle of Seagram’s 7 with them. Tully delved into his home life and the fact that him and his wife probably own too much stuff that’s gray, gray furniture, gray clothes, gray cars, half-asian baby named gray, and all of that is probably why he hates sunshine and interacting with other members of the species. Jude likes having a lot of orange accents in his house and Tully is disgusted by it. Jason recapped his experience to Jude about getting waxed in studio yesterday and it sounds like everything is baby smooth and slightly swollen but otherwise perfectly happy with the results. The guys discussed who in the studio had the dirtiest asshole and the obvious answer was WILSON cause he’s just the kind of guy to shower with his pants on and not take off his t-shirt when he goes for a fap session. Will tried to deny it without giving any more in depth information, so it kind of confirms all our suspicions that the Hate Bean persona is not just an on-air character. The guys talked hip-hop for a bit and Jude reminded us all that he actually hates most of what it’s turned into these days, which I can’t really argue with cause autotune, Lil’ Wayne, MCA died, Flavor Of Love, MC Hammer’s reality show, et cetera. Jude sampled a few things for the guys and they seemed to like it for the most part, so it might not be all bad but I haven’t kept enough track of it all to know too much about it. The guys played a sample of a Die Antword song with some guy talking about aggressive man fucking and Jude seemed to appreciate it, even though I wish they would just stay in South Africa. There were some phone calls and stuff and the guys sampled some more songs that might be going into rotation on the show, like Cher’s “Believe”, which is sadly a modern classic and also the inspiration for every asshole that decided to use autotune. Jude stepped out to go do his show and the guys decided to play each other samples of the riffs they’ve cooked up for Horse Force which should sound surprisingly similar to Black Sabbath. Tully’s wouldn’t play from his iPhone for some reason, so they took a break to regroup and smash Steve Job’s crowning achievement of a mobile device in protest.


So, with all the talk of music, the guys put out a call to the fans for stuff they might want to play on the show or possible influences for Horse Force songs. Tully’s phone finally decided to play the riff he worked on and it is definitely a Sabbath riff for all intents and purposes. Remember that dildo that ICP gave to Kid Rock that he needed to give back to the court as part of a sexual harassment lawsuit? Well, he basically wrote back to the law firm that subpoenaed it that he doesn’t have it and you can go fuck yourselves, and while you’re at it, all your lawyer friends can fuck you too, and when you’re done with that, get fucked again, and then a little bit longer, and when THAT’S all over with, use the ocean of jizm from that endless fuck session as lube to slide yourselves into a missile casing and let the military fire you at Afghanistan or whatever other brown country we feel like subjugating this week. Cumtard saw the new “Gaurdians Of The Galaxy” movie this weekend, and the guys thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get another shocking movie review from him, this time with helium! After compiling the list of hot words, Cumtard told us all about the movie while being summarily tortured in a fashion only the Tard could abide by. Now, if you like hearing Kevin’s suffering, I must tell you that it really is better with a helium voice and the stipulation that he will be electrocuted for dancing or saying “please”. It surely loses some effect when you’re not watching it, but if you’ve seen Cumtard get electrocuted in person as I have, and you have an active imagination, it’s pretty easy to paint yourself a hilarious mental picture of just what’s going on when this happens. The sounds coming out of his mouth when he’s all heliumed up and being shocked are pretty fantastic, and while I can’t verify that there was dancing, I take it on good authority that he was cause they shocked him for it. Say, have you ever wondered about the bizarre genitalia of the animal kingdom? Cause the Jason Ellis show is here to educate you about it. The guys explored the many insane and religion-debunking marvels of animal fun bits, like the echidna, an Australian anteater type animal with a four headed cock! Or sharks and stingrays, who have barbs on their dicks, combining fucking and spear fishing like no other species on earth could. But wait, it gets worse, cause shark vaginas are a multipurpose organ containing all bits required for gestating eggs, urination and defecating! Flatworms have both male and female parts, but they will fight to the death to try and be the one to impregnate the other one first!!! Barnacles have the biggest cocks in all of the animal kingdom, a cock forty times their own length, like some sort of long rage semen harpoon. Octopi have detachable penises, CUE KING MISSILE! GOD DAMN I NEED TO RESTRING MY GUITAR, I EVEN HAVE AN ECHO PEDAL SO I CAN COVER THAT SONG PERFECTLY!!! There are insects which are known to have sex for 40 to 70 hours at a time and at some point their bodies will actually swap genitals cause the Christian god is a lie and our true lord and master is the great Satan!!! Enough about animal cocks though, cause over in New Jersey, an egg nog factory fucking exploded cause egg nog is apparently just too awesome to be contained in New Jersey. The guys talked for a bit about new offensive props to keep around the office (remember that giant black cock the size of a half gallon liquor bottle they used to have? I seent it, it was offensive. And hilarious) and they decided a huge rubber fist was probably a good contender. Since Cumtard is the guy most likely to bear the brunt of this object, the guys asked what he would most like to get hit by and a massive dick was exactly what he was hoping for, so that’s settled. The guys decided to take a break for Hot Dog to go get the massive cock and to get some phone callers lined up for a segment next up about the things you might not want the public to know about the place you work.


So, if you haven’t noticed lately, the show is very interested in the twitter accounts of Jaden and Willow Smith cause the shit they think up is just adorably terrifying, like a Hitler press conference about unicorns. After reading the insane ramblings of the Smith children, they decided to take a quick look at Willow Smith’s music video cause apparently there’s some lines in it about how she is the messiah or some such shit, cause people seem to have lost their appreciation for a good old fashioned assassination which I wouldn’t necessarily wish upon a teenager, but there’s some grown ups who cosign this kind of shit that should certainly get the fear of Satan put in them. They read some more of her Scientology inspired bullshit and those of us who don’t need anti-psychotics all had a good laugh. At this point, I feel like the Fresh Prince needs to exercise his pimp hand or something, cause this just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing he might let fly. Where’s that kid from West Philly, yo? Break a mothafucka off something, god damn. But hey, nobody’s dunking their kid head first in a bucket of paint thinner, so who am I to judge? The guys talked for a while about how Jada Pinkett-Smith is probably some sort of succubus or undercover assassin or something like that, cause it just seems like she would be the least expected person to tackle you and rip your larynx out. The boys turned to the phones to ask the listeners what it might be that the management doesn’t want the public to know about their company. The first caller used to go pick up hookers to deliver for the oil field workers and the workers would in turn pass the cost along to the higher ups at the oil company by using a hot shot driver for a quick delivery. Next guy said that at another oil field, the guys used to bury evidence before environmental and safety inspectors would show up for normal inspections (tell me again how big oil isn’t all kinds of crooked?). Next guy was a fuel delivery driver and would KNOWINGLY MIX THE HIGH GRADE AND MID GRADE FUELS TO MAKE THE MID GRADE STUFF!!! But more importantly, sometimes one of the tanks would be full and they just put premium in all three. Luckily for you, the consumer, pretty much every  gas station is a complete shit show, so chances are it doesn’t really matter much what you fill your tank with cause you’re likely not being charged the correct amount and that’s gotta pay off in your favor eventually! Next caller used to work for a car stereo place and at the particular shop he worked at, they would upsell all the top of the line equipment but install remanufactured units, which reminds me that assholes like this make every price shopping phone call I get a legitimate fit of paranoia about the industry I work in, cause some people are incompetent schyster assholes. Tully worked at a pretty high end restaurant, and as we all know, you don’t fuck with people that prepare your food, and that’s all I have to say about that. Next guy that called in worked on the upper level of the glass cieling of the oil industry and according to him, those mother fuckers are straight up scum, like this one time when a well exploded and the execs didn’t do shit but try to get one of the lower management folks to calculate up the bottom line for them (TELL ME AGAIN HOW BIG OIL ISN’T CROOKED AS FUCK!?!?!?!?!) Next caller worked at a tax prep agency and a lot of guys used to come in wasted and filthy and pissing themselves and basically, as long as nobody complained to the manager, nobody got fired. After that we heard from a guy who worked at a pizza shop and whenever they got an asshole customer they added extra oil to the dough to guarantee that the end user would have diarrhea. The guys talked for a while about how Jude Law is definitely going bald but he pulls it off really well and this got Ellis back to thinking about getting a wig so he can pretend to be John Travolta for a couple years just to fuck with everybody. Back to callers, next guy called to tell the guys about how he’s working underage and illegally for a fracking site and all the vehicles are unsafe to be on the road and he’s the one certifying them even though he isn’t old enough to get a license to drive, oh, and he’s handling hazardous materials all day too, cause big oil ain’t crooked as a tweaker’s cock or anything like that. Next caller worked at a car dealership where he got tapped by one of the service writers (my job) but had to reconsider because as part of the interview they asked him if he was comfortable intentionally lying to the customers to upsell shit that didn’t need to be done. On a personal note, I quit working at dealers after eight years, cause I like sleeping at night without being woken up by the night terrors of some old lady going homeless after paying $1100 in fluids that didn’t need to be done. Shout out to San Leandro Nissan Hyundai Kia, my last employer, I actually witnessed that on multiple occasions. There were more tales like this, leaking oil trucks that don’t get repaired, burying fracking chemicals, one guy called to say that at a cell phone repair shop he worked at, the technicians would routinely browse through any recovered data to see if there were nudes of the hot ladies that bring their phones in, but he got his one day when he found pictures of a girl getting HUMAN FECES rubbed all over her by her boyfriend like he was trying to get a lifetime pension for owning property there. They also found some home made clown porn too, so it’s not all terrifying? Tully has noticed a whistling noise coming from his toilet but hasn’t wanted to bother the landlords because they’re really polite old people so he decided to set an Onnit kettlebell on top of the float valve cause that stops the noise for some reason. On that note, let’s ponder the weird noises in our homes that could be fixed by setting something heavy on them.


MMA NEWS YA FUCKS! Remember that brawl between John Jones and Daniel Cormier that broke out at the weigh ins? Well, the state of Nevada and the UFC aare looking into how they’re gonna penalize the two guys for acting so unprofessionally. Also, remember last week when that one guy who was gonna make a comeback ended up shooting himself? Well, there’s pics of the injury floating around the internet, and from what I’m told, it looks like a self inflicted gunshot wound. Jason was talking to Jeremy McGrath on instagram lately and is thinking of how to get a Polaris for some short course dirt track racing while combining the WolfKnife clothing line and EllisMania, cause he sure as fuck ain’t winning on speed and skill alone, so there’s gotta be some really eye-catching shit at the merch tent. The guys kicked off a round of Ellis Jeopardy with contestants Tully, Cumtard and Hot Dog. As is usually the case with Ellis Jeopardy, the clues would require a deep, intimate, almost intra-colonic relationship with Jason Ellis, the kind only his long time co-host might have, but were hilarious as always. Before all that though, we got a recap of Sharknado 2 and if I still did drugs, I gotta believe that shit would be on repeat on my DVD player 24 hours a day cause it sounds like the greatest compilation of stupid bullshit that has ever been burned onto celluloid. In an interesting turn of questions about Sharknado 2, we came to learn that Cumtard spent a bit of time in college smoking crack. He once smoked so much crack, he paralyzed his hands and set off the dorm building fire alarms. Amazing the things we learn talking about Rob Ford and a tropical storm made of giant predatory fish, isn’t it? So, Ellis Jeopardy, a laugh riot as usual and in a surprise upset, the winner was Cumtard! the guys took a quick break and came back with some final calls on things and stuf, where stuff and things were explained and mused about with Jason and Tully. And before you forget, if you want to suggest some music for the guys to maybe put in rotation or possible influences for Horse Force, DON’T FUCKING TWEET IT CAUSE IT’S JUST TOO GOD DAMN HARD TO KEEP TRACK OF but you can email your suggestions to There was talk of pirate radio (the movie and the geurilla media trend of the 1970’s), and Steve Coogan (who was awesome in another movie called 24 Hour Party People about the birth of club music and the rise and fall of the band New Order), exercising, testosterone replacement therapy, and some other shit that I was only half paying attention too, but is valid and deserves our attention because we’re all Satan’s children and he loves us equally.


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Show Recap for Thursday 7/24/2014

Welcome to the Thursday recap of The Jason Ellis Show hosted by your favorite sexual degenerate- Jason Ellis. But, wait, is Ellis really a sexual degenerate? He’s starting to not like the whole degenerate part of the sexual degenerate thing because it would be cooler if he were called an irresponsible sex machine. But, no, he’s very responsible with his penis. Tully then points out that Ellis has a buncha new cuts on his arm for a sexual non-degenerate and he things Brian Callen from The Fighter and The Kid would take a blood load in the mouth from Ellis because that guy is seriously into Ellis’ sex life. Like, really really into it. And if he really is feeling frisky and wants to catch a blood load in the mouth from Big Daddy J then he should head to Palm Springs this weekend with Ellis and Katie cause they don’t have the kids and planned a nice weekend in Palm Springs with various sexcapades that would probably explode Brian Callen’s mind. Ellis mentions that there was a shit ton of traffic in LA this morning which everyone was blaming on the President, and Tully was only aware that there was traffic around LA because of all the people around him complaining about it while he was magically missing all of it because he is Tully and he knows al of the right turns to make. What he didn’t miss this morning was the jackass who rolled through a stop sign while he was texting on his phone and almost hit His car which held both him and his Little Dude as well as a roaming homeless man and his shopping cart with various hanging bags. And that would have sucked. Out of the three it would have sucked the most for the Little Dude, with Tully coming up second, and the homeless guy bringing it up in last place because, let’s face it- he’s homeless and babies and radio co-hosts rate way higher than homeless people. It’s funny cause when Tully and Ellis we’re talking about it it didn’t seem so bad, but typing out that sentence just made me feel like a terrible human being. Tully then asks Ellis if he didn’t have the radio show and the kids if he would move out of LA to a place like Temeculah and Ellis is super pumped on that idea. He would love to live somewhere a little more out of the wa where he could have a Moto track in his backyard and a really cool pool with a waterfall, but Tully would rather stay in LA because he likes living in a  big city where 50% of the water gets brought in from other cities and states for the purpose of watering the grass that would never otherwise grow there.

Ellis then brings up that people on Instagram are getting down on him for talking about his new straight razor and are trying to say that he is only talking about it and pumped on it because he got it for free and he’s a sell out. Well, guess what, you’re wrong you hating motherfuckers because Ellis is only ever going to talk about the shit that he’s into regardless if wether or not it gets sent to him or he buys it so you can all go right ahead and shut the fuck up and choke on your own dicks, you wankers. All the real fans of the show know that the only time Ellis will really sell out is if it’s for an Energy Drink sponsor. Hahahaha. At this point Jetta comes into the studio and Ellis asks him what’s wrong to which Jetta replies, “nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” Which we all know to be the evil female answer equivalent of ‘I am so not fine and everything is wrong, but if you don’t really know why I’m not fine then I hate you and I’m certainly not telling you’ so Ellis and Tully grill him for a bit and it turns out than other than being a little tired and possibly kind of high he really is just ‘doing fine’. He also really loves his pet mouse who he gives kisses to, he can’t cook, doesn’t have any live plants and thinks camping is awesome. Jetta gets jettisoned back to the green room after being told that he should try snorting meth and Tully comes out with a story about how when he was just a young thing hanging out with The Backbone he accidentally snorted meth because he and his friends were trying to buy cocaine. About a half an hour after snorting the meth is when they got suspicious since he and his buddies weren’t feeling like they wanted more coke, so instead they decided to smoke it, and Cullen wound up going to sleep behind the couch after seeing smurfs. Lesson- you will know in a jiff if meth is good for you or not.

Insane Clown Posse and Kid Rock are in the news as Kid Rock is being subpoenaed for a glass dildo he received from ICP. But the real story here is that apparently ICP is all about God lately and they are saying that they tricked all their juggalo followers because they have ALWAYS been all about God. Tully is calling bullshit on the whole thing saying that they are just trying to revamp their image after the FBI classified them as a gang hate group thing, but the ‘haha we love God’ angle makes him love them again. In other non famous people related news a drunk guy in Florida got all road rage-y and ran himself over with his own car….cause Florida is awesome. Also, around this time there was a girl caller who was a Cam Girl named Eva_BlissXxX who liked putting hot sauce in her asshole and Ellis got all excited over her and I began to roll my eyes because she sounded like a complete moron or Jillian from Family Guy and I felt bad about being a female for the first time ever in my TJES listening experience. She popped back up a couple times throughout the show and it literally made me want to turn the show off..that’s how bad this bitch got to me. Whatevs.

Back from the first break Justin the Barber is in the studio to give Hotdog the Intern a shave and a haircut cause Hotdog is going places in life and he needs to start looking up to the job. Everyone loves Hotdog, because he is the Hotdog and he is awesome and has a giant horsecock and is in to ass and shit play and he’s gonn start banging pornstars, so Ellis has decided that he needs a beard trim, a side part, and some collared shirts to help him along his way. While Hotdog is being worked on Tully shares with us some Hollywood News involving Paul Hogan (I was in love with Crocodile Dundee as a child) and how after divorcing from his wife he is going to pay her a lump sum of $5.775 million. But that’s okay because Paul Hogan is probably pretty set, and if he isn’t then he can always go back to Australia and bring back the Paul Hogan Comedy Hour because that was the funniest show ever in Australia. Robert Downey JR is the highest paid actor in Hollywood for the second year in a row even though he didn’t make a movie in the past year, with The Rock coming up second officially securing his place as a Hollywood Superstar. Bert Reynolds and Lonnie Anderson are divorced but are going back to court because Reynolds has owed Anderson $230 thousand fe the past 20 years…Red Dragons motherfucker.

Back from the break Hotdogs’s look is revealed and he looks really good, so good that he has gained Tully’s respect as a human being. The picture of the reveal is on Jetta’s Instagram @radiojetta if you wanna see for yourself the hot hunka Hotdog that Justin the Barber turned out. Next on the chopping block for a new ‘do is Wilson Pendarvis whom Ellis forbids to have another faux hawk with there then being a fight I’ve wether or not Will currently rocks a faux hawk or not. Tully chimes in on the subject and it is included that Will has a faux hawk that he is in deep denial about and he proceeds to have Justin give him another spikey faux hawk thing that Wull claims is not a faux hawk.

Time for that segment that we all know and love to hate- Unsigned Bands!!! I don’t actually hate the segment, that was just a line…but for the most part I’m never really left wondering, “why oh why has a label not jumped all over those various bands?” If you catch my drift. For this gi around Tully decided to separate and okay the bands according to genre so we were treated to various artists in the genres of Canadian HipHop Reggae, HipHop, Rock/Rap, and good old Rock and Roll. Most of the bands were atrocious, one of the HipHop songs wasn’t too bad until the guy ruined it by opening his mouth, and one of the rock bands was a straight up rip off of Slipknot and the guys were pretty sold on the fact that even Corey Taylor can’t get away with ripping off that sound these days. The winner of a week of air play on Faction during the show was a band called Rulers of the Night with a song called Skuzz and I’m pretty sure they only lyrics were ‘Fuck You’ and ‘Skuzz’ cause why the fuck not?

Tully brought up a news story about a four year old and his mom getting kicked out of a donut shop in Connecticut after the four year old asked an overweight lady if she was pregnant and the world had officially taken things way too far. I mean, seriously? Even the fat lady was alright with the kid asking her if she were pregnant!!! Ellis is right, kids call them like they see them and he saw a lady he thought was pregnant and he asked about it. He’s four. It wasn’t malicious. Get over yourself donut shop manager, you are taking it too far. Ellis talked about how he picked Tiger up from camp and the other little kids there startedtaljing to him about his tattoos and were thoroughly impressed that the big knot in the back of his head was a result of him cracking his skull. He really liked that the kids were cool with him and he was cool with the kids and if inly adults could be as open minded as kids. We were all kids once, right? Well..I don’t know if Will was ever one..he seems like the kind of person who has bee a grown up sincere popped out of his mom.

Wrapping up the show Ellis decides that Tyler Posey is no longer in the band and takes up the reigns of the keytar himself and makes some cool sounds before deciding that they would be Erin better off with a hot chick as the keytarist. There’s also a lot of talk about the  new channel and the possible names for a new channel, even though a couple of minutes into it Ellis says it already has a name and no other name has come along so great that he has thought of changing it. They take calls and read tweets for show ideas and it seems like Cumtard may really get a show where he and a bunch of other gross dudes fart and shit in each other’s faces a lot and I listen to it and lose ten pounds in ten minutes from projectile vomiting. Dingo may have a den, Tully may play some sweet Hair Metal, and maybe we’ll get a Rude Awakening with Rude Jude morning show!!!!!


thats all I got folks!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Show Re-Cap for Tuesday 7/22/14



Just kidding folks, you can keep talking with the dick in your mouth. I think it’s adorable.


Anyways, hello and thanks for visiting, I was off last week to spend some time with my family as a birthday present from my fantastic girlfriend who insisted I go on a fun trip before I come to Canada to spray my DNA all over her for the rest of time. I did a lot of walking around in Seattle and bought a fuckload of comics, and saw the new Planet of The Apes movie, which fully reinforces Jason Ellis’ belief that monkeys will one day conquer us, and if we treat them with a bit of dignity, they may not enslave us like that one time when Charlton Heston went to the future and found out that Soylent Green is made of humans. But enough about me, cause I’m here to recap the Jason Ellis show!!! Today kicked off with a whole lot of music cause I guess there was some fire that needed to be put out or that pesky sentient flying scrap of paper from the other day was back and required gawking or some such shit, but then the guys came on and started talking about how Jason was late cause he was coming from the Fighter and the Kid podcast with Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub, and that was a fun start to the day. What wasn’t a fun start to the day was driving in early morning LA traffic and having to deal with Los Angeleans who think they’re more important than everyone else and are allowed by the State Of California to legally operate multiple tonnage of mechanical equipment in public. A FedEx truck side swiped the Wing and spun out his truck and kept on rolling cause FedEx is a shitty organization and I’ve gotten more shipments late, damaged or missing from them than any other company, so it would make sense that their truckers are also incompetent and have no common courtesy like stopping when you might have killed somebody. The truck is pretty fucked too, whole bed side, the way Ellis tells it. There’s lots of construction going on too, so that’s slowing down traffic and reducing motorist IQ points at a staggering rate, so you can’t hold Jason completely responsible for being a few minutes behind. On the plus side though, Los Angeles is so fucked up pavement-wise that the world of Mad Max may come true in Southern California very soon! Rude Jude stopped in to hang out for a bit and rehash his experience kneeing the punch pad and sucking at it. There was some talk of how Frank DeCaro may be a middle aged gay Italian, but the Romans were conquering all kinds of shit with folks like him leading the way generation after generation, just look at Catholicism!!! The boys did a bit of jaw-jacking about the trucker incident this morning and how the guy was probably so desperate to keep his job that he was hoping nobody got the license plate so he wouldn’t get reported. This got us into the topic of snitching cause sometimes it’s the right thing to do, but you can be a dick like Tully was in elementary school and snitched on a kid for eating Doritos in the bathroom. Ellis fired off some ideas at Jude about what to do with his now fucked up Dodge Ram, and most of them were just ghetto enough for a younger Jude to appreciate, but not so much for the new improved well-groomed designer drug aficionado Jude. One idea that Jude could get behind though, is the sprint-slow-down workout that Ellis suggested to him a little while ago, and it was some rough shit for McDuder, but he pulled it off. Jude has noticed that as he’s getting older it’s getting a bit harder to bust a nut, but he found some herbal cock pills that are doing the trick splendidly. The guys discussed frontier medicine for letting loose a shot of jizz and how when Tully’s old, he’s gonna relish having a load that takes forever so he can laugh maniacally at his wife for being done before he is. There were some stories about extreme/premature ejaculation and how grown up ladies in Australia have no qualms about banging high school boys and feeding them and letting six unchecked loads in a row from the same penis land in their ovaries. One time, Jason banged a lady and she started crying after the fact, but being the guy he was back then, he just left. Jude on the other hand, loves it when a girl starts crying and will fuck them again, or for the first time, depending on the situation. This led to talk about “what the fuck is it with you emotional bitches always crying about shit, it’s only some dick!” and there were a few phone calls and tweets from ladies who have taken part in this kind of stuff. Jude once made a girl start crying when they tried out some rough play but forgot to pick a safe word. One guy called in to tell the guys that every time his wife cums, she cries, and after a whole bunch of years, it’s not such a bad thing because he knows he got the job done. Another guy called in to say that he doesn’t know when he’s been taken off hold, but the next guy said his wife actually stops breathing when he fucks her proper, which is as close to fucking someone to death as you can legally get and still call it an achievement. Another guy called in with a crying girlfriend story about how he had her riding his hog and all of a sudden he felt her tears dripping down on his chest. Next caller said she only cries from anal, which is understandable when you do it too rough. You gotta romance that butthole way more than that vagina, boys, just remember that. The guys talked a while about how you’ve really gotta be a friend to the chili ring, or else it just turns back into the shit locker and it’s way less fun for everybody. Another guy said his girl started crying and had to go run for some medicine or something. A GIRL called in to let the guys know that sometimes it’s not cause women are insane, sometimes they just cry because sex can be a beautiful, intimate moment of deep connection between two people, sharing both body and soul in an amazingly pleasurable experience, and then she went on to explain that she’s had years of psychological problems and that pretty much killed her entire argument. Time to get some Lou Reed up ya, and not that Lou-Tallica crap, we’ll be back ya cunt satchels.


Have you sent in your crappy demo for unsigned bands yet? If you haven’t yet, you can still fire that off to and watch your life’s work get shat on by Cassette Coast!!! There’s still time!!! The guys talked about some of the features of SiriusXM online, like on demand and how many people are listening to it and tweeting shit at them from too long ago for anybody on the show to remember. It’s looking like there’s a lot more people now who can’t catch the whole show so they listen to it when it’s more convenient, like after I get home from work where I’ve been inundated with telemarketers and other people’s problems all day and have had to keep pausing the show, so much so that I’ve got 2 hours of delay built up and I have to finish a recap, so the on demand works really well for me on Tuesday. Or when I’m on vacation and not near my computer and out doing stuff all day, I can on demand it while I’m sleeping on a shitty air mattress at my aunt’s house. But that’s not important, cause it’s AUSSIE NEWS TIME!!! But first, the guys wanted to take some calls from ladies who might be interested in dating Hot Dog the Intern, so that they could have a dating game type thing or just listen to ladies throw their snatch smack in his face and see how he would react to it. One lady called in thinking she would be dating an actual hot dog, not Hot Dog The Intern, and god dammit if she didn’t hang up before the guys could get her on the air for a few minutes of radio idiot shaming gold. But, Aussie News, some lady who got elected to some government office, was getting questioned during an interview and made a clear proclamation that she loves a huge cock and doesn’t shave that pussy. So, back to Hot Dog getting some stank on the hang low, Three ladies called in to play the dating game and Hot Donna almost sounded like she had a voice changer on, but it turns out she was just 50 years old. Hot Dog started off the questions by asking one lady if she would put his big ass up on her shoulders so that he could catch some free picks or drumsticks and she said she’d help, but couldn’t guarantee that her lower back would handle the load of all that Hot Dog, BUT SHE COULD HANDLE HIS LOAD ON HER GRILLE!!! AAOOOHH!!!!! Next, Hot Dog asked Hot Donna how stretchy her vagina is, because he’s hung like a black man in Alabama pre-civil war! And she said she could probably handle it, maybe with a bit of finesse and lubrication, but there shouldn’t be any real major issues. He asked one of the other ladies the same question and she declared that she’s got the elasticity of a teenager, so no matter how girthy the dong, she can slip it in as smooth and comfortable as a fresh pair of socks. Hot Dog’s next question for her was whether or not she’d be OK with a guy who can blow himself, and she said that if nothing else, it’s a show worth telling your friends about so no bad blood between them thus far. Next question was for the first lady, Hot Dog wanted to know her opinion on back hair and she gave a reasonable answer that in small doses it’s acceptable, but Sasquatch is gonna have to wait in the car, unless he wants a naked shaving from her, in which case she’s happy to help. Hot Dog followed this up by asking the same lady how she would take it if he made her eat a turd, then waited for her to shit it out, then vomited it, then shot a load on it, if she would still love him after the experience. Her answer was that she wouldn’t necessarily volunteer for the act, but if you really love someone and want the deepest connection possible, there’s not much closer two people can get then vomit shit cum vomit cum shit vomit shit. Hot Donna was a bit more open minded to the scenario, which warrants wondering how badly she needs companionship, but then again, she’s Hot Donna, and considering Hot Dog’s next question, she’s certainly man enough to strap on a strap-on and peg the bejeezus out of his panda-like rectum. She’d even wear her tool belt and hard hat, cause she is in fact a construction worker. Next question for the other lady, would she be willing to let a friend tag in to finish off Hebrew National if she needed to give the pussy a rest from his Sears Tower sized doom spigot? And just like slut magic, in her own words, “The more the merrier.” Next question, if she was stuck on a desert island with his fleshy Tower Of Babel, what would she do with it? After watching him blow it (of course), she said she would give it a quick rinse in the ocean to clear up some of the throat scum, then attempt to swallow it whole, come hell or asphyxiation from laryngeal blockage. The other lady answered that she would make it a point to DIE of an acute addiction to rubbing her nipples all over his dick, forsaking the need for food, fire or shelter. Hot Donna said she would basically treat it like a purse sized dog that occasionally wants to ejaculate in her mouth, but she lost the game when she stated that there would be no anal. So sorry, Hot Donna, but some chick named Jennifer is gonna be climbing the skyscraper that Hot Dog is swinging around between his thighs. Tully found a video (from BitPimps) of a guy who made a how-to series on anal breathing and massage, and it sounds like the terrorist manifesto of a pedophile fart hammer fundamentalist. Just the way he said asshole and spoke about the tranquility of a baby’s asshole, it would make any decent cop murder the mother fucker on sight, not even for the principle, just cause you can see it in his eyes. And there was some extreme farting as well, which sounded like some of the old sound drops the fans sent in a couple years ago, but with the way this guy was doing his anal breathing, it flowed pretty seamlessly with the show. Then Jason played SunnO))) and we all could tell that there may be some embellishment in the background noise we were hearing over the narrative of breathing through one’s own ass. Then he broke out some beads and we all got to wondering how Google hasn’t taken this down from YouTube, but apparently there was some loosely medical connotation to the whole thing, so I guess it flies. The guys took a few minutes to contemplate suicide or locking their children inside for the rest of their lives to protect them from this monster, and also to set up whatever they were gonna do in the next hour.


You might not have known this, but there was a tree planted in memory of George Harrison in Los Angeles. You know, the backup guitarist of the Beatles? Well, in a feat that can only be called the act of a vengeful god, the tree was killed by beetles. Real life honest to Satan beetles. I’m not a religious man, but this just smacks of some kind of cosmic malice to me. I don’t even like the Beatles all that much, but the only way it could be more ironic is if Yoko was the one who introduced them to that tree as a new habitat. That’s not the most horrible thing that’s gonna happen today though, cause if you hadn’t caught it on twitter, it’s Cumtard’s birthday!!! And as punishment for his failed attempt at getting a male stripper for Tully’s birthday, this time the guys set him up with a proper one to come and slap his whang all over the Tard’s cranium and butthole. And that is his cosmic punishment for going to see Motley Crue last night, cause as awesome as a lot of their music was, Vince Neil can’t reproduce the notes that made them stars, and also killed a kid while driving drunk, so he should not be paid any further from live performances. Plus, didn’t the band all sue each other and declare their retirement at the end of last year? After Cumtard was done being sodomized with extreme prejudice, Jason and Tully made sure to properly ridicule Cumtard for his previous attempt at male strippers being brought in to embarrass the birthday boy, and did a quick inventory of what may or may not have gotten damaged during the aggressive display of dick-spinning interpretive dance that was performed in the studio. The guys talked about getting old and how Cumtard better find his Yoko before too much longer, or else he’s gonna turn into that kid from Clerks 2, endlessly talking about Jesus and Lord Of The Rings and Pussy Trolls (Google it, I can’t explain it well enough in this format, it needs to be witnessed). Tard has gone on a few dates but hasn’t been particularly amazed by anyone just yet, so there’s still more stalking to be done to find that one girl you wouldn’t leave alone no matter how many yards the court tells you is the minimum distance allowable from their house or place of business. Jason has recently come to the realization that he doesn’t want the type of friends that want to see his dick, and vice versa, cause there needs to be a point in his relationships where nobody needs to set their dick on anyone’s shoulder at a party. The guys put the question out to the fans asking what they think Jason’s channel should be called, on the far outside chance that SiriusXM gives him his own channel. There were some great suggestions, such as Ellistronics, Valhalla, Wolfknife Radio, The Baby, Master Of Puppies, Narcoleptic Narwhal, Barter Town, EllisFam, The Wolf Pack (which is completely fucked by the Hangover movie franchise), The Pube, Your Mum’s Fishtank, The Farthole, Future41, The Cave, Hail Satan, The Cockodile, The Rocktopus, The Glory Hole, Awesome World, The Wing, The Toe Cutter, Fromunda 41, Outback Maniac, The Tard, Radio Fight Club, Splooge Mountain, Will’s a Racist, 41 Jump Street, Sum 41, Cum 41, Ellis Island, 6 Pounds Of Sound, The Rape Room, Skull Fuck, Butt Town, Red Dragin Radio (which would be a copyright issue, but a respectable effort nonetheless), EllisNation, Los EllisEs, The Schism, Facti-OFF, Black Guys Wear Black, Ellis The Red, Against The Grain, Sausage Party, Massive Poopies, Blitzkrieg 41, The Didjeridoo, The Gas Chamber, Muska Kills, Bogan Brigade, The Cocktagon, The Goat, The Woodsman, The Gape, Horse Force, Welcome To Hellis, and many others that didn’t get mentioned cause they were actually trying to take this a little bit seriously cause it is kinda big and permanent-ish, but I assure you, they were hilarious on twitter. Ellis’ contract officially expires tomorrow and he needs to sign the new one, but there may have been a mix-up in the most recent draft he was given and they’re trying to get it sorted out. The guys talked UFC for a bit after reading a quote from Dana White about how an insane Irish fighter reminds him of Ronda Rousey for some reason or another. Tim Silvia is a great friend of the show, and might be getting a shot at moving his way through the ranks of the UFC towards a title shot after fighting Dustin Porier. But that’s all speculation at this point, so let’s all drift away into Awesome World for a bit and regroup.


A Chinese art collector spent $39 million on an antique tea cup, cause I guess $20 grand for making potato salad on KickStarter wasn’t enough in the grand scheme of ridiculous spending at the hands of the public, but the real kicker is that this guy used his AmEx to make the purchase and it gained him a net profit of 422 million American Express Rewards points due to the overseas purchase and exchange rates and such, so basically he’s got airfare for life or enough food to balloon up to 7,500 pounds and starve an entire industrialized country to death, all on the rewards system from American Express. Don’t leave home without it!!! The guys played some clips of classic rock singers belting out their signature vocals, and the guys had to guess if they could still hit the notes live. First up was Robert Plant, and the guys unanimously agreed that there’s no way he’s still pumping out his signature high notes, and they were right, as demonstrated by a 2012 performance of Kashmir. After that was Meatloaf and hot patootie, bless my soul, he still has the pipes for rock and roll, despite the guys thinking he probably can’t cause of the testicular cancer and bitch tits thing we learned about in Fight Club. Next up we heard Loretta Lynn joining in with the Loaf, and she’s still got it as well. Next we got a taste of Vince Neil, who we’ve already confirmed can’t do it, but his public ridicule is still entertaining in small doses. After that was Roger Daltry and he can still bang it out, when he’s not high as fuck or phoning it in due to lack of interest. After that was David Lee Roth who refuses to give up the ghost on the tarnished legacy of Van Halen, post Van Hagar years. Then we heard one from the new lead singer of Journey, Stevie Engrish Superfan or whatever the fuck his name is, and if Steve Perry was dead, he’d be rocketing out of his grave towards the sun if he heard this. Next up was the ladies in Heart and despite growing up a bit, their voices have only matured like a fine whiskey, and if you had a bottle of some you could probably still get a dick spinning duet from the Wilson Sisters. After that we heard a selection from Axl Rose, still belting it out like his lungs are gonna fall out his rectum, but he doesn’t have the staying power to keep it going very long. Next we got a sampling of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie’s still got it, but everyone else in the band can fuck right off. Next down the line was Elton John and I guess the cure for every physical problem is gay sex cause as long as you don’t get the HIV you pretty much stay a champion forever. After that was A-Ha doing Take On Me and if this is how it sounded like in 2010, I’d say that jam is never gonna die. Finally, we got a taste of Steven Tyler doing dream on from 2013 and despite having throat surgery in 2007, when I saw them two weeks after, he was still pounding it out like it was 1976 all over again. The guys talked classic rock and rumors about our favorite stars for a bit, then brought the rest of the crew in to belt out some lines from their favorite classics. WILSON came in hot with a decent Meatloaf. Hot Dog dropped a fully terrifying rendition of Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus. Cumtard came in to fire off a bit of Fuel by Metallica, and basically live tarded the tune just with actual words instead of sound effects. Finally we heard Jetta’s best feeble attempt at giving us something from Thrice and since Thrice sucks I really can’t criticize his efforts on this one, but if he was covering any of the other songs it would have counted as a fail. Jason started giving Jetta shit for not being able to recite lyrics for good music the way the rest of the developed world can. Will got back on the microphone to show a true display of his singing abilities which he was holding back on before, and after some vocal pointers from the guys, he was like a younger Meatloaf incarnate, with his testicles still intact, just in the possession of his ex wife. There were some final calls and stuff and god dammit it’s close to show time and lunch time and I’ve been ignoring shit at work and we’re too busy for that this week, so when you’re done reading this go clean your room and cut me some firewood.


Red Dragons, Mother Fuckers ,,rr,

Show Recap for Thursday 6/26/2014

Welcome to the best Thursday Recap on the Best Jason Ellis Show Recap Site that has ever existed!!!!! Woooooo!!!

Getting right into it, that sound that you hear at the end of the intro is a baby wold making sounds and it doesn’t sound too happy, but in the video he looks really happy when he’s making all those yelpy sounding sounds…so don’t worry about it too hard guys, it’s just sounds of a happy baby wolf puppy. Ellis gets right into talking about what would happen if he started capturing people and chopping off their arms and feet, and tying their feet together. Would they turn into snake people and start slithering on their bellies and then Ellis would go down in history as the Man who changed mankind by making snake people? Tully thinks probably not because if he did actually manage to keep it going long enough where people started evolving and adapting and having snake people babies, it would take like a million years, and for the world’s population to turn over into snake people (or aqua babies, which Ellis also brings up) it would probably be about 50 million years. And also, 50 million years down the line, if people did remember that the late, great Big Daddy J was the one who started the ball on snake people rolling, the person that would be praised or hated or whatever would not actually bear any resemblance to Jason Ellis and would be a much bastardized version of the person that we would all love to be best friends with. This conversation devolved, or evolved, or tangentially went on to include talk of what would happen if Ellis went the other way around and started attaching legs to snakes to make walking snakes (or, you know, lizards) and Ellis called bullshit on Tully calling them lizards because they would not be lizards, they would be different, duh, and there aren’t any lizards around who are better walking around on two feet than they are walking around on all four and his snakes with legs would walk like men. Dammit. Twitter answered the unasked call and started tweeting pictures and video links to the Jesus Lizard, aka the Basilisk lizard (yes, Basilisk, like Harry Potter, why do you think I knew the name of the Jesus Lizard in the first place without having to google it?) which is a lizard that can run across the top of water…which is kind of more badass than Jesus being able to walk on water. Just saying. They watched the video and talked about the Jesus Christ lizard for a while and that turned into them talking about pound for pound strength and if Chris Weidman would beat a Basilisk in an MMA fight. They came to the conclusion that the Basilisk would win on points, because those little fucks are really fast and Weidman wouldn’t be able to catch it to knock it out.

Speaking of animals and pound for pound and yesterday’s Eagles (if they were larger and able to kill humans, would humans kill them first?) Tully brings up a story of a woman who got shit-whipped by a goose. Like, landed in the hospital for 5 days kind of shit whipped. I think she just fell off her bike and that’s where most of the damage came from and she didn’t want to admit it. I mean, geese are nasty fucks, and I have personally been terrified of them up close because they WILL try and eat your fingers, but I don’t but that it broke her face. The ground broke her face. Ellis calls bullshit on the story for a while saying that he would totally take out a goose (he actually calls them ducks the whole time, ducks are quackie, geese are whacky) before it made a move on him, but Tully calls bullshit on his bullshit because Ellis goes through life considering every situation that could possibly lead to violence and is always ready for it and knows how to properly defend himself, and not everyone walks around life equipped in that way. Ellis admits that yeah, he’d probably be thrown for a few seconds if a goose actually attacked him, but he’s still pretty sure he could take that motherfucker out. Yako on Twitter made a comment about how every 3 year old Canadian is warned by their 3rd birthday about the ferocity of geese and both Tully and Ellis can see that because, as Tully says, “They weeble, they wobble, and yes, they do, in fact, fall down.” And they have a particularly hard time getting back up. I mean, they’re only 3 years into that body and only 2 years into walking around really, so when they go down, they go through some emotions before they even start to think about getting back up.

Don’t forget, California Ellisfam, the show is going to be live tomorrow from Racer’s Edge Go Karting in Burbank California, and the password to get in (because it’s an Ellisfam exclusive event at this point) is Yer Mum’s House. That’s right, you heard it here if you didn’t hear it there, the password is Yer Mum’s House. How appropriate. Ha…I just looked at the website and it even lists that it’s closed tomorrow from 12 to 4 for a private event. Boom. There’ll be tons of people there aside from the ones you hear from on the show on a daily basis and I wished I lived in California so that I could be there too, because I’m gonna be here, in New York, in my shitty life (shut up, I’m stressed to hell right now) not hanging out with TJES and racing go karts. Maybe I’ll pretend the truck is a go kart. We’ll see how that goes. There will be food, and drinks, and famous people, a radio show and a Dingo there. Why would you not go? Oh, but don’t bring your kids. Unless your kid is 16 or older. There will be cursing, Mike Catherwood’s wife has said her vagina may make an appearance, there could be nipples on Kenda Turn, and then, well, you know the show. Don’t make the guys feel weird about doing their show because you decided to bring your 8 year old. Be responsible so that no one else has to.

At this point they go through the button bar and Ellis says he’ll take phone calls about anything and people start calling about the geese and shit and they push a bunch of buttons and Ellis wants to prank call Katie but she doesn’t answer the phone. Hot Dog says that Ellis can prank call his mom, because his mom is around in town and wanted to come for a visit but she got told no. Tully or Ellis make a joke about how they meet the mom’s of all of the interns and Hot Dog goes, “Well, you already met my mom,” and proceeds to tell Ellis, and the rest of us, that he and his mom were at the Harley Davidson book signing event and met him and Hot Dog, back when he was just Nate, told Ellis that he wanted to intern for him and that he has his own college radio show that is on the AM airwaves and Ellis gave Nate numbers to call and people to bug about being an intern and voila!!! Hot Dog is an intern. And a reverend.

Back from the first break Tully comes at us with a news story where a man is suing a stripper to give him back his $2000 because no one ever told this guy that there is no such thing as a refund when you are dealing with strippers. Poor guy. What seems to be more of a story to Ellis and Tully is the reporting correspondent who is telling us about all of this because that guy looks like he does drugs and could have committed a murder or two. Allegedly. Randy Wallace is the name of the reporter and Tully and Ellis spend a good bit of time riffing on him, his various alleged habits, and finding him on twitter where he is quoted as saying, “I believe Cheesecake, Xanax, and Duct Tape fixes everything.” Yeah, it’s not a hard sell that that guy is tripping balls on all sorts of things all of the time.

Time for some Wolfknives names!!! But first, let’s talk about how Will may or may not be banging that girl Ericka, and okay, if he’s not, then is it cool if Tully and Ellis bang her out instead. Will does his flustered, angry, “We’re friends” thing and eventually Ellis deduces that Will friendzoned himself. But, other than that, welcome to the Wolfknives Death Vender, Body Glover, Huge Muffler, Storm Rapist, Cougar Shaft, Puppy Hitler, Poor Man’s Gary Coleman, Ball Sex, Hot Dog Enthusiast, Eagle Precum, Torellini, Elvis HorseDick, Cock Global, The Great Gaper, and Hot Dog (yes, the intern). Has anyone found Hot Dog’s instagram yet? I mean…he’s a self admitted virgin…he has to have one, right? I suck at finding shit like that, so if anyone knows what it is, hit me up on IG or twitter, I’m jennimazky ;)

Time for some long awaited teen advice, peppered with some other stuff, because this was the show of tangents. Seriously. So many tangents. To the first girl who has a crush on her male BFF who currently has a girlfriend and doesn’t want to be that girl, but kind of does want to be that girl, and to the second teen girl who’s wondering if she should do something to make her ex jealous…the answer is JUST DO IT! But also, honesty is a noble virtue to have, but keep shit like this on the down low as you get older, because, well, that just how bitches roll once they get grown. Stop being so honest. The third question is a girl asking if she will develop serious feelings for someone if she sleeps with them, and both Tully and Ellis seem to agree that yeah, probably. They seem to think that if this girl is thinking about sleeping with someone to begin with that she probably already has some sort of feelings for that person and that also, casual sex tends to come with age for women. I’m a woman, and I honestly don’t know. I mean, some people are wired for casual sex, some aren’t, and some people are really good at lying to themselves. I would advise, however, that if you are a teenager, don’t get into the casual sex game. You’re young and stupid and will probably get pregnant. To the girl asking if her friend is a lesbian, Ellis says that you should fingerbang your friend to find out. Then you’ll know. To the teen girl with a smelly dischargey vagina, please go to the doctor. Tully thinks there is no such thing as being a really religious person and a really fun person at least until the age of 30, so young teenager asking, if you’re really religious, people are probably going to be annoyed by you for like another decade and a half unless they too are really religious, sorry about that. And finally, yes, anonymous teen, ugly is a real thing. Ellis says that he’s gotten uglier as he’s gotten older and Tully informs us that there is nothing wrong with being born ugly because being ugly in the right subculture is kind of a thing that’s just embraced, and being ugly is nowhere near as bad as being fat. Ugly isn’t your fault, for the most part, being fat is. It’s halftime!!! Do your pushups, feel whatever round things exist on your body and check them for cancer, and take some time and go to this website run by recent guest of the show, Jack Osbourne about MS. I just went, and wow, Jack is looking good!

Christian is in the studio to do stripped vocals but first, they are going to talk about a lot of nothing for like, an hour. Sorry, guys, I tried really hard to pay attention and be a good sport and recapper and do my duty for all of you out there, but I basically was not feeling the entire show today. I don’t know what it was. There was a lot of dead. It was humid and gross out and I’m kind of cranky on top of it, so I kind of lost the thread around here a couple of times, but they did talk about Anahita who was on TJES last week and is on the Dr. Drew show on TV with Ellis a lot, and how she is going to be karting with them tomorrow and look forward to her boobies when they come around Kenda Turn. It seems like Kenda won’t be back to go around Kenda Turn, but she’s a busy lady, so she’s forgiven. Tully informs us that the Texting and Driving race got axed for various reasons that don’t make the most sense, but there are still going to be other cool races, like the Main Event, and the Vagisil 5000, and a relay race, as well as all of the racing that Ellisfam can do while the guys are you know, on air, doing the show. Tully has a list of famous figures in history who are alleged to have sexually transmitted diseases and the ones that got mentioned were: Al Capone who was suspected of dying from Syphilis while in prison for tax fraud, Hitler was also thought to have suffered from Syphilis due to his tendency to rant and rave and murder people for no good reason, Honest Abe Lincoln is also thought to be a Syphilis sufferer (though he didn’t murder tons of people because of it) and JFK apparently had the Clap. This turned into a discussion of if they guys got a sexually transmitted disease from Cher, would they tell anyone that it was from Cher, and yes, Tully and Christian would tell their doctors until their doctor believed them, but Ellis wasn’t too down to tell anyone about it. Then Ned Beaty who was a guy who got raped in Deliverance got brought up and they talked about him for a while, about random things that I managed to really not pay attention to, and thennnnnnn the got around to doing stripped vocals and songs and things. At this point I was driving and completely unable of taking notes, but I know that they covered Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse, Avenged Sevenfold, Soundgarden, Slayer, Nirvana, and Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, and they all blew Ellis’ mind.

Back from the break they were talking about plans for Fourth of July and Ellis doesn’t know what he’s doing but he doesn’t have the kids that night, and Christian doesn’t know what he and his girlfriend are doing so maybe they should figured out what to do for the holiday together with their girlfriends. There was also some talk about Polar Bears and how they are vicious and Katie doesn’t like them, but Ellis does, and it was because some guy’s 24 Million Dollar Yacht that was all on fire and destroyed was called the Polar Bear. Ellis mentioned that the guy who hit him the other week in his Porsche still hasn’t sent photos of his car to the insurance company, but Ellis has sent his in, and if the other guy doesn’t send pics in then it really really makes it look like it was definitely the other guy’s fault, but Ellis is still expecting something crazy to happen that will screw him over, but you know what, whatever. If he has to pay for the car to be fixed then he’ll pay for the car to be fixed, because he’s the one who bought a Porsche in the first place. Boom.

I’m outtie HomeSlizzles, I’ll see you when the show gets back from being on vacation next week!

Things we learned on TJES today:

Tully calls bullshit on evolution. Always.

Tully played basketball this morning

Ellis is going to be really serious and in the zone while go karting tomorrow, but no one can fault him for that cause people get serious about video games

If a goose approaches you, do the right thing, and take it out before it takes you out

There will be giveaways at Racers Edge tomorrow for the fans

Spongebob “Red Dragons” is done by the real voice of Spongebob

Will thinks Ellis and Tully are trying to tarnish Ericka’s honor

Tully is okay with his wife banging Brad Pitt but he wouldn’t want to watch the video

Tully is a rational motherfucker. For realsies.

Ugly people get the opportunity to connect with other people on a deeper level

Dingo is Kevin Bacon in a Monster hat

Ellis would go full romance with Cher