The Many Nicknames of Joshua Adam Richmond

What speech impediment?

Josh has so many nicknames, I feel like sometimes people may not know exactly who we’re talking about when we refer to him by different nicknames. So here’s a list of past, current, and possible future nicknames for the guy we all tease, but all love:

  • Rawdog / RawDizzle
  • Tussin Wolf
  • JägerBeard (Alter ego)
  • Bush Baby
  • Trust Fund Boy / Baby
  • ManBoy
  • Thunder Bird
  • Thumb Fucker
  • Chill Cock
  • The Illusionist
  • The Eliminator / MC Elimination
  • Knight Dog
  • Cujo
  • CordRoy
  • Jack Nippleson
  • Rumble McTumble / Rumble McTumbleBum / Rumble Tumble
  • Loadcamotion
  • Cum Barnacle
  • Radio Gold
  • Koala Joe (One off)
  • Jessica (If he was born a girl, his parents had chose that name)
  • Santa Claus (Alter ego)
  • Mel Gibson (Alter ego)
  • MachoMan (Alter ego)
  • Suge Knight (Alter ego)
  • Sara / Sarah / Samantha (Alter ego)
  • Rawdogalypse (One off)
  • Doc Banger (Alter ego)
  • GodWar (Alter ego)
  • MMGay Analyst (New possible nickname)
  • One Rubber Stunner (New possible nickname)
  • The Alienator (New possible nickname)

There are more nicknames that I can’t remember right now, most of them are not used and were very temporary. If you happen to remember any, post them in the comments. Don’t forget that the @Jingleberries have made numerous classic songs dedicated to our infamous friend!

Update: Thanks to @bwstranger, @CobraTits, @CptnSparky , @emilyInSD, @Lugoman34, @mike_in_canada@murray_terry, @MyMathGarcia and @TwistedMetalFab for the help, reminders, and suggestions!

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If You Could Ask My Wife One Question, What Would It Be?

For better or worse, I asked all you weirdos a simple question: “If you could ask my wife one question, what would it be?” I let her choose which questions she wanted to answer and I didn’t alter any of her responses. So, let’s see what you had to ask and what she had to say about it.

@_Buggs: What pickup line did he use to get your pants off?

@bitchPimps: There was no pick up line needed. After we watched Smokey and the Bandit in a cheesy run down hotel room, I was nothing but wet.

That’s true as shit, it was pretty fuckin’ awesome.

@AZ_RedDragon: What made you fall for Bit? #WasItHisColorfulHair

@bitchPimps: The same thing that makes all you chumps fall for him, his gentle and sensitive demeanor.

I cried once, motherfuckers! ONCE! I think I was like 0 years old.

@AZ_RedDragon: If you could change 10 things about him, what would they be?

@bitchPimps: ONLY 10?

Hardy fuckin’ har. That was a fake laugh by the way.

@AZ_RedDragon: Do you prefer thongs, G strings, boy shorts? #MothersDayIsComingUp

@bitchPimps: Honestly, bit looks best in a Speedo.

That can’t be true. My nuts would be hanging overboard, port and starboard side.

@cogdeth: How do you stay sane?

@bitchPimps: Laugh.

Doesn’t matter if you laugh or cry, I’m getting a boner.

@NCcrushinonRJ: Do you want a divorce? … just kidding ;)

@bitchPimps: And miss all THIS?

Fuckin’ evil. I like it.

@AZ_RedDragon: Were you scared the first time he drive you around in his van?

@bitchPimps: No but the hooptie piece of shit truck he drove me around in made me hide on the floor.

That motherfucker was built like a brick shit-house and is still running. WHAT? WHAT?

@itswillbitches: If you could wear a strap on and fuck one guy in the ass, who would it be?

@bitchPimps: I think the “if you were a lesbian” question would be much easier to answer.


@itswillbitches: If I paid you 5 canadian dollars, can i sit in the corner all creepy like while you slowly eat a banana while watching 2 elephants have sexual relations on animal planet with a random passer by peeking through the window?

@bitchPimps: Sounds like a family friendly Friday night.

This has clearly been thought out. I admire the dedication. A+ Would masturbate again.

@bwstrangler: Who would be involved in your dream Teradactyle?

@bitchPimps: Ewww.

Yea, dude. Have some class for christsakes.

@sharkchucker: Who is your free pass celebrity, that if you had a chance to bang, bit would let you? And who is his?

@bitchPimps: Funny how I could answer this for him but not for me. Jessica Alba or Selma Hayek. Good thing I resemble both of them.

See? My wife knows I’d ruin my life to bang either of those bitches. So in a sense, you could say we have the strongest understanding and relationship ever.

@NCcrushinonRJ: At what point did you think you wanted to go from my ho to my wife?

@bitchPimps: Is there a difference?

Probably Smokey and the Bandit. I’m a catch.

@AZ_RedDragon: Lets just say for sake of argument, does @bitPimps prefer evening gowns or sun dresses?

@bitchPimps: Neither, he prefers short shorts with Juicy written on the ass.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

@AZ_RedDragon: Whats it like being with a guy who has 6 pack abs, and does @bitPimps know about him?

@bitchPimps: That was fucking hilarious dude, I don’t even have a response for that one.


@itswillbitches: Would you fuck me?!?!? I’d fuck me!!

@bitchPimps: Bit says that all the time, even has the creepy voice down perfect.

What can I say, I’ve got game.

@AZ_RedDragon: Have you ever seen @bitPimps dad naked? Would you like to? #IHavePhotos

@bitchPimps: Good God, NO and NO! But thanks for the almost nauseating mental picture.

I’m telling my dad what you said!

@bwstrangler: Mimosa or bloodymary?

@bitchPimps: Neither, flavored martinis or just a nice cold beer.

Women, am I right?

@bwstrangler: team Edward or team Jacob?……………. #NoHomo

@bitchPimps: Seriously, you’re a fucking homo.

OH, BURN! lol

@bwstrangler: Favorite Doritos?

@bitchPimps: Enchilada and Sour Cream. Good luck finding them.

Where the fuck did those things go? It’s like David Blaine sent them into the Cumtardian System.

@itswillbitches: If you were a full on butch lesbian, what kind of job would you call your career?

@bitchPimps: Fucking awesome.

I’m not sure how to take that.

@sharkchucker: Does bit scare you sometimes, and why? #clownsarescary

@bitchPimps: Just once. Before we met and before webcams, he had me convinced he could see me in my house and we were 1500 miles apart.

Seriously, that was a crowning achievement. Absolutely classic! She was scared shitless.

@itswillbitches: Do you have any canadian in you? want some?

@bitchPimps: Been there, done that. I’m all American now.


@AZ_RedDragon: Does @bitPimps still cry after sex?

@bitchPimps: Only if we forget to take out the butt plug.

Those were tears of joy!

@bwstrangler: Are u game for cannibalism if it meant survival?

@bitchPimps: I say no, but with my love for food, my fat ass would probably dive right in.

Guess who has two thumbs and is gonna survive? This guy! HEYOH!

@itswillbitches: Would you let me fuck @bitPimps using @AZ_RedDragon as the condom? #nohomo

@bitchPimps: Only if I could watch, record and reserve the right to distribute.

It’s already on PornHub.

And there you have it, she answered way more questions than I expected! Hope you had fun, I think she did, I heard her laughing a few times – and I didn’t even have my dick out.

A Collaborative Twitter Story – Round Two

This is a second installment of A Collaborative Twitter Story, where users help keep the story going by adding to it. Hopefully, eventually, we end up with a nice little cohesive story that helps ruin whatever is good inside of you. I’ve crossed out the comments that came in, but didn’t fit in with the current story position. It’s really hard to keep a story flowing and everyone on the same page when you consider how people can be posting a reply to the same line, at the same time. So without further ado, let’s see if this story fared any better than the last one.

@bitPimps So we’re at this Guns N Roses concert when I noticed…

@mike_in_canada …how fast Axl is now. That reminds me, I could use a…

@Wolfman812 …that I had a raging case of priaprism…

@AZ_RedDragon …beer and some smoke, I wandered to the tents where I met…

@RedJammieGirl …up with @Hollow_NorCal who was desperately still searching for midgets who…

@thegooser …that there was more pairs of sexy depends then Id like to admit…

@sharkchucker …the road crew plowing some slam-pigs for backstage passes when i said…

@mike_in_canada …any of you guys down for a threesome? I’m great at…

@AZ_RedDragon …the “asian whirly bird.” What? You’ve never heard of it, its where you…

@sharkchucker …put on a clown suit and fist a…

@bitPimps …Korean nun, the only problem was I only knew of one Korean, @herro_amy but she was…

@thegooser …doing the pterodactyl to the sound guys but…

@AZ_RedDragon …its where you dress like a Geisha and bow to your suitors, after which they…

@sharkchucker …busy shooting Axl up with smack. So I thought…

@bwstrangler …nows my time to take him out, blame it on the drugs but he…

@bitPimps …I didn’t care, because I had the biggest erection from all the…

@sharkchucker …naked midget’s in paper hats serving hot…

@bitPimps …bowls of vomit and shit. At the end of the night, we said our goodbyes and…

@thegooser …exchanged depend sizes because they were fucking…

@bitPimps …loaded down with shit, piss, blood, and cum. It was a night none of us would forget. Then GNR left. TheEnd

The #ReplaceWordsWithFollowers Game

Every now and then I have a stroke of genius.  Or it was an actual stroke, I’m not sure but I created a new hastag game: #ReplaceWordsWithFollowers. This is possibly one of the greatest things I have ever thought up on a Thursday night before bed in March.  Here are some of the things people came up with.  Enjoy.


@bwstrangler: It was @AZ_RedDragon when @EllisMate stuck that @bitPimps in that lady’s @possiblytully and thanked his @KimDultz

@bitPimps中: ‏ At first I was all like, @OMGZeebrazz, but then I saw it was @RachelAndSarah so I pulled out my @tank_yanker

@tank_yanker: I tried to undo her @OMGZeebrazz to see her @CobraTits and she got all @testyboy !! Tried to @bwstrangler me!

@tank_yanker: That’s correct officer, I hit him with @FonzoBlunt object. The body’s in the trunk of my @chevro1et.

@bitPimps: Call me @Amy_L_Sss because I get all @e3guzman when I’m @NCcrushinonRJ her @babythroat like a @BEZERKAH1_3

@bitPimps: If @MyMathGarcia is correct, I should be to send my @RedJammieGirl to college & that would be @atmbcool

@bwstrangler: Can’t wait 2 get all @DougBenson and go @mayhemmiller on a cheeseburger then just @mike_in_canada on the couch

@bwstrangler: my wife’s @bitPimps are huge, can’t wait 2 pull out my @tank_yanker and @AZ_RedDragon all over them

@JohnnySkidmarks: It took @3_days to find out that most of my followers think that I’m a @sarcasticunt

@Jen_E_Morse: Can I lick your @taternuts?

@Jen_E_Morse: I wanna get @DirtNasty with @EllisMate

@AZ_RedDragon: I’m @cantskateanymre and going to @possiblytully for the night.

@AZ_RedDragon: I’ll show you my @tank_yanker if you show me your @herro_amy

@AZ_RedDragonI have a huge @mike_in_canada it hangs way below my @bitPimps and its fucking @bwstrangler

@tank_yanker: I drank too much @WhiskeyGirl923 and went @BEZERKAH1_3 then turned into a @Wolfman812.

@bitPimps: I asked my @RedJammieGirl how she wanted her @herro_amy treated & she said to @donaldschultz it.

@tank_yanker: I’m all out of @_Prozach74 , and @Addicted2Diesel now, and my ass is @AZ_RedDragon now…

@tank_yanker: I’ll @bitPimps slap anybody that touches the ladies, and dump the bodies on the @shit_toboggan

@Jen_E_Morse: I want to suck your @GatorHotdogDog and take it in the @dannykass

@tank_yanker: I took my ex to the river in my @chevro1et and @bwstrangler‘d her there

@KimDultz: I wanna get @AZ_RedDragon wasted!

@KimDultz: I wanna @Fngr_Xpressions @_daniBum_ all night long till I get @sleepyjoe_RDS and pass out in the @oilfieldtrash84

@KimDultz: I held my @gungirlRDS up to your @Meaty_OZ @stapleneck and it went @boomer1600 then you were @cogdeth

‏ @bitPimps: I told @KimDultz I was @mike_in_canada just so I could @nickyknac her @VZ4SHEEZY but she said to @Saveit4thewar


These are a few of the posts that I could find, there are some really brilliant people out there.  If you have any ideas for Hastag Games send @bitPimps or @Az_Reddragon a message and we’ll put up some of the results.