NYA with Mike Tully

Uhg. That whole radio thing? Yeah, not so easy to do. Thankfully Tully made it as easy as possible on me by carrying much of the conversation. Here is it is all it’s splendid glory.

Since my brain completely shut off, I forgot at least 2 things.
1 was the intro I was going to play, and 2 was a question on Tully’s patent.
As you can hear, I forgot both. Go me!

The intro that never was.

The question that never got asked.
Tully’s registered patent.

Unsigned Bands: No You Are

So I just barely missed the submission deadline for unsigned bands, which is too bad because I really think I had a chance. Oh well, at least you can still listen to this mind melting track I put down.

Band: bitPimps and the Motherfucking Black Widow Cobra Ninjas From Hell
Song: Mop Bucket Full of Murder

Show Recap for Friday 2/6/2015

It’s Friday and everyone is busy telling social media how much they don’t give a fuck, and we here at NYA are usually no different.  But today is special.  Today is the birthday of someone you all know and love.  Today is a day to give a fuck and celebrate.  But keep it quiet…not everyone knows…and we’re planning a surprise…so let’s keep it for the end.heres-your-stupid-cake02

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