Times They Are A Changin

Since December 12th 2011, exactly five years to this day, No You Are has brought you recaps of The Jason Ellis Show everyday. Well kids, times they are a changin. We will no longer be providing daily show recaps but we will  still bring you items and posts that come up such as sound bites, pieces of Ellis Show history from the Cobratits Archive, event announcements, interviews, and anything else that we believe will be entertaining and noteworthy. We aren’t just going to throw away ten years of work because life is getting too busy for us, in fact many of us believe that this change will be a good change from the usual recaps. I personally want to thank all of our fans that have stuck with us for the last fifteen years and I would also like to welcome the new fans. Also please remember that if you would like to contribute to NYA please feel free to contact myself, bitPimps, CrackerStacker, Cody McCraw, ShitToboggan, Jenni Mazky, or Wolfman812 and we can help arrange it. This website hasn’t been successful for the last twenty years just because of its writers, it’s been successful because of you, the Ellisfam, and the support you have given us. From all of us here at NYA we thank you.


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Show Re-Cap for Thursday 6/18/2015

Thursday recap

Cody getting sex change.
Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen or you’ll get fucked by a dog.
Tiger having bad dreams Ellis Tully parenting tips.
Ellis terracross next thurs and Fri.
Ellis going on Drew talk about SC shooting.
Send your titties to @tullywood and your dick pics to @YerMum

A place in Virginia is enforcing a law prohibiting lude language.
Eroticless erotic fiction: constipation, tampons, grandmothers on the toilet, (Emilia the pig farming slut book writer) mcnugget pink slime, hammeroid, head trauma, used fleshlight, lies ions, old homeless guy, white guys with dreds.

Ellis not on Drew.
Maryland woman got complaint about relentlessly gay yard now striving to make it even more relentlessly gay.
Wills news by Kevin, Tigers, toe wrestling, Kentucky Fried Rats, Gay burgers from Japan, Etsy will no longer sell fake shit, FCC fining ATT,

Aussie news, judge said woman can’t breastfeed because of tattoo.
Heroine is bad mnkay.
Ellis is new morning DJ on faction.

Show Re-Cap for Friday 6/12/2015

Welcome back to the Friday-ish recap.  I’ve been struggling to stay alive for the last three weeks choking on dust and driving a truck that doesn’t have any AC in Phoenix. I’m lucky I haven’t spontaneously combusted. I was unable to listen to the first half of the show but this is how my heat stroked brain thinks it went. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Friday 6/5/2015

Welcome back, we’re live from the Onnit Academy with Aubrey and some other muscle dude. Well, WE aren’t there live but the show is. Ellis is a bit hungover from last nights rooftop party hosted by John in Houston so naturally it’s his fault. While they were talking about More Onnit stuff Ellis got fisted on air from the back but feels better now because that’s what they do at The Onnit Academy, they bring you pain so that you can feel good.

Greg Lutzka came into the Onnit Ellis Studio and to be honest I missed a bit of this interview, like who he is, what he does, but he mainly talked shit about Ellis getting married and fighting. Some other dude came in with Greg and then Ellis and Greg boxed a bit. I’m sure there was more that just that but why bother ourselves with the details.

Ken Block came in next talking about Ken Block stuff like racing and drifting and driving sideways and keeping the shiny side up. And Kit Cope also came in talking about whatever the fuck he wants today  because nobody is going to tell him otherwise. It was awesome. You should have listened. Sucks to be you.

After the break Ellis talked to the girls working out in the gym at the Onnit Academy. He totally didn’t talk about sex, asses, tits, looking hot, if they’re fucking, anal, being naked with each other, buttholes, or anything else that could be construed in any sexual way. It was super exciting. So exciting that it was the end of the show and the end of this recap. Hope you have a great weekend and don’t get AIDS.

Show recap for Friday 5/29/15

Holy shit it’s Friday already! I’ve been on vacation all week and forgot what day it was. Don’t you hate it when people say that? Ellis kicked off the show talking about kids and cell phones and how his daughter wants her own phone because her Hollywood spoiled shit fuck friends have one. J said no because he doesn’t think a third grader should have downloada phone and rightly so, they’re dumb enough already without one. Tully is going to his high school reunion, ummm, tomorrow? I wasn’t paying much attention but it’s gonna be a total sausage fest. That’s kinda what happens when you go to an all boys school. They chatted a bit about kids and TV and how it doesn’t suck watching TV with them so much when they get older. EM11 confirmations were announced, one famous dude might fight another famous dude, and some more names were suggested. Continue reading